7 Harmful Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid During Pregnancy

Chemicals cannot be separated from everyday life. They exist everywhere, even hundreds of them can be found in our home. Chemicals infiltrate in our food supply, home and environment. Not all of the chemicals are considered safe. Some of them may have toxic properties that can be harmful to human. Question is, which chemicals are […]

7 Chemicals Allowed in Organic Food in Everyday Life

Before talking about chemicals allowed in organic food, we better talk about what organic means. We often hear about the term of organic and see various food labelled with organic. What does it really mean? The simple definition of organic is a product which is made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, […]

25 Propylparaben in Pharmaceutical Uses – Medicine Compounds

Parabens (methylparaben and propylparaben) are large spectrum antimicrobial drugs, hydro soluble, insipid, colorless and odorless. Those characteristics make them as a substance needed in the formulation of medications. Parabens have not only been used in pharmaceutical, more about organic chemicals in medicine in Uses of Oganic Chemistry in Medicine, but also in food and cosmetics […]

10 Harmful Chemicals Banned in Europe But Safe in the US

We have already known that Europe is very different than the US. The differences between those two are not just about art, culture or food. Other difference that may confuse many people is their different attitude toward potential harmful chemicals in both food and cosmetics. EU, by its EU Cosmetics Regulation has banned over 1300 chemicals […]

4 List of the Categories of Essential Biochemical Compounds

We often hear about biochemistry,  but do you know what it is? Find more about biochemistry in Sub Branches of Biochemistry. First of all, biochemical compounds are essential to life. That’s why we often hear about them. Without those compounds, there will be no plants, no animals and even no human. Biochemical compounds make up living […]

10 List of Banned Chemicals in Cosmetics in Europe

Every woman needs cosmetics. Don’t you agree? The need of cosmetics is everywhere, from head to toe. Hair care, body care, skin care and makeup are all part of cosmetics that we use every day. But, have you ever checked your cosmetics’ ingredients? There are so many kinds of chemicals that we can find in […]

7 List of Banned Chemicals in Japan – Compound – Effects

Japan bans certain chemical substances to be used for manufacture, daily use, import and marketing. All of the banned chemical substances are under the regulation of Chemical Substance Control Law, Japan. Basically, Chemical Substance Control Law classify the banned chemicals into two classes, which are Class I and Class II Specified Chemical Substances. First, Class […]

15 Examples of Inorganic Compounds Found at Home

Organic and inorganic are two main disciplines in chemistry. Examples of Organic compounds uses come from living thing and are said to be compounds consisted C-H. Meanwhile, you can simply say that inorganic compounds are just the opposite. Most of the inorganic compounds do not contain carbon nor have C-H bonds. Inorganic compounds are not […]

5 Important Applications of Photochemistry in Modern Life

Photochemistry is a branches of chemistry that studies about chemical effects of light.  It is concerned with chemical reaction, isomerization and physical behavior that may happen due to the influence of visible and ultraviolet light. Indeed, this is the Branches of Inorganic Chemistry. The concept of photochemistry is divided into Two Laws of Photochemistry: The first […]

10 Uses of Organic Chemistry in Medicine – Compounds

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies about organic compound. Organic compounds, which can be found near us, are widely used in our daily life. They are used in food, agricultural, industry and pharmacy. One of its prominent function is its uses in medicine. Here is a list of the examples of organic […]