8 Safe Chemicals for Swimming Pools – Substances and Uses

Everyone should be agree on the statement that summer is the best season of all. The sun rise so bright and everyday is beautiful without rain just perfect time to go outside to the park or other outdoor space to do tanning or simply enjoy the air. With the heat temperature it would be also […]

8 Safe Chemicals to Clean Fish Tank You Can Use

Whether you consider fish tank as furniture in the house (read more : 10 harmful effect of household chemicals for plant growth) or consider it as house of your beloved fishes you do not want to have your fish tank in jeopardy because you simply do something wrong but you do not even realize it […]

27 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Creams – Effects to Health

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8 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Septic Tank

Have you ever watched some sewer monster movie where it all happen because of chemical reaction in some chemist septic tank? Well I am displeased to break it up to you but it is not real and the effect of chemical in septic tank is not that harmful at least not in that way but […]

7 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid with Perioral Dermatitis

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10 List of Inorganic Water Pollutants – Substances – Effects

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26 Harmful Effects of Chemicals in Hair Gel You Should Be Aware

Grooming product such as hair gel does not seem harmful on our eyes. This simply because you do not know what it is capable of, not only harden or make your hair shinny it can also makes damage to you. It is simply because of some hair gel use a particular potentially harmful chemical. Surprisingly […]

30 Harmful Effects Of Using Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Agricultural is one of the oldest sector human’s know, with many of many development in this area it is safe to say that one of the greatest discovery of all are chemical fertilizer and pesticides. This product surely brings benefits in agricultural development. It brings wide range benefits from improving productivity, yield reduction, vector disease […]

10 List of Toxic Chemicals in Nail Polish for Your Beauty to Avoid

Manicure and pedicure might be sounds like heaven in women’s ear, getting the shoulders massaged and their nail polished will make any woman feel relax and bring back the good mood. However it must be so frustrating when we dig further and found out that some nail polish contain chemical that will harm yourself. In […]

32 List of Harmful Chemicals In Toiletries – Effects and Cautions

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