China List Of Toxic Chemicals Prohibited From Import And Export (Harmful Substances)

The world recognizes the International List banned Chemicals and China also have its own list of toxic chemicals that the government prohibited. This restriction also based on the International List Toxic chemicals Severely Restricted Import Export. There are different toxicity level that world familiar with, they are labels such as banned, prohibited and restricted. Whereas “banned” is […]

What Chemicals Needed For Developing Film? Here’s The Clear Explanations

While developing a film is a small sign of modern life, and most people are at least aware of the fact that film can be developed in a darkroom, the process of the film is less understood. What Chemicals Needed For Developing Film? All different methods of developing film, rely on a number of chemicals. Hydroquinone […]

A-Z Harmful List of Banned Chemicals for US Market (Alert!)

When we talk about Chemicals in the USA, we encounter various department that handles various kind of chemicals. This includes Chemicals Banned By EPA or the List of Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA, and also Chemicals Banned Under TSCA. All pose as a guide to which chemicals that are banned for US Market. Every country has their own consideration and […]

A-Z Chemicals in Flame Retardant – Harmful Substances

There is something ambiguous about a fire. It is a fascinating, almost hypnotizing spectacle, important for cooking and heater, on the other hand, it can be a cruel, surprisingly fast-acting threat. Its result of various chemicals come together, Moreover, there are Safe Chemicals For Coloured Flames that enrich and complicate things. The use of flame retardants helps […]

A-Z List of Chemical Companies in Kalyan

Chemical Companies popping up in Kalyan, another part of India. PlantThe country growing economy particularly in the Chemical industries. Therefore you can see numerous companies among the long List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat. Moreover, there is also List of Laboratory Chemicals Manufacturers in India that support the amount of support India have in the chemicals […]

list of chemical companies in jeddah

Chemical companies in Jeddah are just among the many and diverse chemical industries in the world. These companies have skyrocketed due to the recent growth of the construction industry in Asia and the Middle East. There is List of Chemical Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia, there are also List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat and these […]

List of Chemicals in Breast Implants – The Harmful Substances

There are of course chemicals in breast implants available out there. All differ in every country. In the U.S. the most common kind is saline and silicone gel implant. Moreover, both consist of a silicone outer shell with different filler inside the breast implants. saline implants have saline or sterile saltwater and the silicone gel implants […]

Why Should Scientists Study The Effect of Chemicals on The Environment?

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. It also sometimes give us the best experiences when we found something new and being proud of it. But many scientist and students who do their experiments in the laboratory or even engineers […]

12 List of Prohibited And Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients In UK

Cosmetic has been around for a while. It is a product where people use it to enhance look without taking under the knife. The purpose of cosmetics varies; from skin lightening, acne care, and make up products. In the modern era, the production of cosmetic does not only revolve around natural source, but also synthesized […]

7 Benefits of the Uses of Potassium Permanganate in Daily Life

Potassium Permanganate is a chemical compound that can release oxygen and kill bacteria. Therefore, this content is often found in drugs to clean wounds on the skin. This compound is a substance that is easily soluble in water so that its use is easier . Have you never heard of this before? Let’s find out […]