A-Z Chemicals Banned in Bread – We Consume It Everyday!

When you are ordering your sandwich, taking a loaf of bread from the store shelf you didn’t realize it come with various chemicals banned in bread. If you think the government, FDA, FIFRA or other departments already make sure your food is safe, think again. Even if these agencies release List Banned Chemicals it never stops manufacturer, […]

Banned Chemicals in Food Spray – Harmful Substances We Eat Daily

The demand to look good, taste good influence the need for food spray chemicals to meet the general requirements. Therefore, food producers, supermarkets, stores use any of 14,000 laboratory-made additives to make our food appear fresher, last longer on the shelf and appealing to costumers. The food spray beside looking good also poses Effects Food Additives […]

A-Z Harmful Chemicals Banned Under TSCA – The Substances

The Toxic Substances Control Act or TSCA provides EPA with authority to make any chemical substances and/or mixtures label of toxicity under TSCA list. Moreover, TSCA bans chemicals just like the list from Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA. Both lists make recommendation EPA realize or renew a list. Here is a list of chemicals that TSCA bans […]

A-Z Harmful Chemicals Banned Under REACH – Substances – Laws

Government plays an important role as regulator to gives the most trustworthy info to the nation’s industries regulation. There are Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) and also List of Banned Chemical under EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States. These two regulations have the right number How Many Toxic […]

List of Chemicals in McDonald’s Food – Is There Harmful Substances?

Everybody knows any fast food such as McDonald’s food has the worst reputations when it comes to health issues. However, people still eat there, even if they didn’t admit it. The truth is Chemicals In Food can be good and bad. However, when there is almost nothing natural about it, people begin to ask questions. In the […]

A-Z List of Fumigation Chemicals in Nigeria

Nigeria like other African country has a long list of fumigation chemicals that mostly banned in other countries. Fumigation is spraying of dangerous chemicals to kill pests such as cockroaches, bugs, termites, rats, etc. These fumigation chemicals have similar compounds to Chemicals Found in Pesticides. Moreover, it also poses the same threads just as Harmful Effects […]

A-Z List of Chemicals Used in Warfare

Among the Weapons of Mass Destruction, chemicals warfare (CW) is probably one of the most destructive creations of mankind. History makes many usages of chemical warfare such as a List of Chemicals weapon in Syria. or the Chemicals used in Vietnam War, or even more the Chemicals Used in Nuclear Weapons. List of Chemicals Used in Warfare Chemical […]

A-Z List of Chemicals in Diet Coke – Know the Harmful Ingredients

Even though that zero-calorie in diet coke sounds like healthier than regular coke, but is it? Beside the name itself, do the labels from diet coke and regular coke pose any different. There are many chemicals inside any Soft drinks. Moreover, there Uses of Carbon Dioxide in Soft Drinks, some of them even quite harmful. […]

A-Z List of Chemical Companies in Johannesburg

Companies in Johannesburg is growing rapidly in accordance with the majority of other African countries. Chemicals companies also popping up in this capital city of Sentral Africa also known as Jozi. Companies in Johannesburg The chemical companies in Johannesburg act as multi-diverse companies just like List of Chemical Companies in Jeddah and also List of Chemicals […]

List of Chemicals in Marlboro Cigarettes – Harmful Substances

There are about 600 ingredients in common cigarettes, this also applies in Marlboro Cigarettes.  Burning cigarettes elevate the number of chemicals. There are at least 250 chemicals to be harmful, with at least 69  Chemicals in Cigarettes causes Cancer, as well as other hazardous effects such as fertility issues, respiration problems, and other diseases. There are some danger […]