All List of Chemicals used in Printing – The Substance is Safe or Not?

Printing is a chemical-intensive industry with its workers being exposed to many hazardous chemicals, in particular, the printing solvents. Other than the health hazards there is also environment issue in term how the waste is handled. Many chemicals printing including inks, adhesives, lacquers, and cleaning solvents. All of which can cause various levels of ill health of workers […]

Chemicals in Chocolate That Make You Feel Better

There are reasons why many call chocolate as the ‘love drug’, the ‘happiness drug’ and the ‘pleasure drug’. These names have nothing to do with marketing but more about the chemical inside it. list of chemicals in chocolate have been shown to affect the brain and body in a myriad of pleasurable and positive ways. Countries […]

Good Chemicals in Skin Care Products – Best Ingredients and Safe for Your Beauty

You can nurture the skin using a natural ingredient such as cucumber, carrots, and other items. However, the easiest way to take care of the healthy body and face is by using skincare products. Many products issue by numerous reputable companies through the proper institutes to have the legal right for public consumption. However, not […]

Chemicals Banned in Mexico – Dangerous Substances – Cautions

All of chemicals have been used in all aspects of everyday life in Mexico, including pesticides. Pesticides have been a great business in Mexico, but the controlling of these chemicals has been neglecting by the government. There are several chemicals which have been banned in United States, but still being used in Mexico. There are […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Germany – Cautions – Risks – Substances

On behalf to Germany people’s health, government has list of banned chemicals in Germany. Furthermore, based on European regulations, German has restricted and prohibited most dangerous chemicals in the world, such as pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, and dibenzofurans. All of hazardous substances which affects human’s health and environment are banned in Germany. Here are the specific list […]

A-Z List of Chemicals that Can Go Down the Drain

Every country has its own regulation which rules the waste disposal to the drain. Why should chemicals not be released in drain? Negligence of these rules will bring much harm and less benefit. Keep in mind to ask your environmental safety officer for comprehensive list of chemicals which can go down to the drain. The […]

Why Should Chemicals Be Stored Away from Food? The Warning and Dangers!

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. But some people forget the danger of this activity. Some people also forget about how dangerous the chemicals for our self especially our health. Chemical compounds have a lot of materials that could […]

Why Should Chemicals Not Be Released in Drain? Warnings and Dangers!

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. It also sometimes give us the best experiences when we found something new and being proud of it. many scientist and students who do their experiments in the laboratory or even engineers in […]

What are Common Uses of Acetone and Formalin? Brief Explanation Here!

What is acetone? Acetone is an organic compound that has the chemical formula (CH3)2CO. Acetone was first discovered by Chaim Weizmann who was a British citizen. Weizmann made acetone using Clostridium Acetobutylicum because he needed something to help him in creating a method of bacterial fermentation. Acetone is also produced by human body in a […]

All Uses of Butane in Everyday Life – Properties – Side Effects

What is Butane? Butane is an organic compound that is either of two saturated hydrocarbons or alkanes. It has the chemical formula C4H10 which means that Butane’s molecule consists of four Carbon atoms surrounded by ten Hydrogen atoms. Butane occurs in natural gas, petroleum, and refinery gas. It is found in gas form at room […]