10 Explosive Chemicals Examples – Substances – Dangers

In laboratories, there are many ingredients of dangerous chemicals, starts from corrosive, poisonous, easy to burn, easy to explode chemicals and there are much impact of dangerous chemicals. In this article, we would like to discuss the impact of easy to explode or explosive chemicals which is described in this picture. Easy to explode chemicals […]

6 Chemical Substances in Perfume to Conceal Body Odors

In this writing material, I will take one perfume as an example, a perfume with chocolate aroma. It is especially for males. Each man has his own body odor and also chemical substances in his sweat. If these chemical substances react well with the chemical substances in the perfume, it will give them pleasant smells. […]

50 Useful Chemicals Found in Fruits and Vegetables

“Mommy, I don’t like these greens!” “You still have to eat it, dear. It’s good for your health.” Well, that short conversation might sound too cliché for most of you. But did you know? What our mom said to make us eat all the fruits and veggies up isn’t wrong. Because the truth is, those […]

12 Examples of Extremely Flammable Chemicals Around Us

In our surroundings there are lots of chemicals compounds that are flammable. A chemical compound can be flammable because it is easily react with oxygen and get ignited easier than the other materials. Basically, chemicals compound forms are classified into 3 types : Solid Liquid Gas Every form of chemical compound has chance to catch […]

15 Uses of Benzene in Everyday Life – Compounds

As part of chemicals, benzene has some derived compound and it function for our life. Benzene is founded by Michael Faraday on 1825 while faraday succeed to separate benzene from oil and naming bicarburet from hydrogen. Eight years later on 1933, german chemist Eilhard Mitcherlich succeed to produce benzene through the distillation of benzene acid […]

7 Harmful Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid During Pregnancy

Chemicals cannot be separated from everyday life. They exist everywhere, even hundreds of them can be found in our home. Chemicals infiltrate in our food supply, home and environment. Not all of the chemicals are considered safe. Some of them may have toxic properties that can be harmful to human. Question is, which chemicals are […]

13 Harmful List Of Banned Food Additives In Many Countries

We all know that processed or packaged foods are not good for your health. However, there are many known toxic foods, additives and preservatives that are banned in European Union and many advanced countries around the world. And when everyone think they food healthy  here some list of banned chemicals in food additives in many country. […]

11 Usual Signs of Overexposure to Hazardous Chemicals Include

Everything that come in contact with us in our daily life is chemicals, cause we know there are many List of Chemicals Used in Everyday Life. Chemicals expose us when we eat, shower, even walk. The rabbit that hops in your garden, the green grass, all of them are chemicals. Besides, there’s also something called […]

6 List of Chemicals Used in A Medical Office – Compounds

Chemicals are widely used in the medical office, from the time of examination in the laboratory, to diagnose the disease until the healing process of disease as there are many List of Chemicals Used in Everyday Life and common industry. Drugs are one of the chemicals that are often associated with humans. Someone who takes the drug […]

All Calcium Properties and Uses in Everyday Life

Calcium is one of the most important that you can easily find element to everybody so here are calcium properties and uses in our everyday life. It is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and the atom number of 20. It is also one of the alkaline soil metal and is the 5th most […]