14 List of Chemicals in Shampoo (Harmful Ingredients)

A shampoo is one of the personal care products that we have used since a long time ago. Our ancestor used shampoo to clean their hair and keep its beauty, just like what we do nowadays. Right now, most of the shampoo products that we used contains synthetic chemicals. Factories made shampoo from a lot […]

30 International List of Banned Chemicals – Properties – Risks

Governments in around the world have banned some dangerous chemicals because the danger it poses to our health and also to the environment. Those banned chemicals are dangerous, so knowing them is extremely important because it can help us decide which kind of product we can use or consume. We suggest you to choose a […]

15 List of Chemicals in Plastic – Properties – Dangers

Plastics is one of the most compounds we used in our daily life. We used it since a long time ago. Up till now, plastics are still being one of the most popular product in the market. Factories made plastics from a combination of chemicals component. We have a different kind of chemicals component that […]

11 List of Chemicals in Soda – Harmful Ingredients

Do you know that soda is quite a popular drink across the world? People of the United States, for example, drink soda as their daily habit. Not only soda is tasty, but also because soda is relatively cheap. Today, we still see a lot of factories made a product with ingredients of soda. Coca-cola, for […]

15 Aluminium Fluoride Uses – Formula and Compound

Aluminium fluoride is the inorganic compound which has the chemical formula of AlF3. This chemical compound is one of the popularly used chemical in many manufacturing process in various industries. The main use of aluminium fluoride is in the aluminium production. In the production process of aluminium, producers do extract the aluminium from aluminium oxide […]

7 List of Harmful Chemicals in Toothpaste – Ingredients

Toothpaste may become one of the most basic personal care which is available in everyone’s bathroom. Everyday, people use toothpaste to brush their teeth. However, not many of them consider about the chemical containment in their toothpaste or other personal care products. Most of people decide to trust the manufacture and believe to its popular […]

16 Benzyl Cyanide Uses in Pharmaceutical Field – Formula – Safety

Benzyl Cyanide or BnCN is the type of organic compound which is made by the reaction of benzyl chloride and sodium cyanide. Benzyl cyanide has the chemical formula C6H5CH2CN. This compound is toxic, colorless (sometimes pale yellow) and oily. Benzyl cyanide is also included in the aromatic liquid compound category. The main use of benzyl cyanide […]

5 Types of Cyanide – Formula – Uses – Effects

Now days, health become one of the most distressing problems around the world. People’s health keep decreasing day by day without they realized. A routine like breathing an air or even consuming food that should have given them a lot of merit, in fact it stab them by giving another impact by just harming their […]

18 Fireworks Elements – Compounds – Reactions

Have you ever look at the night sky and find yourself immersed in the beauty of fireworks? It always looks so graceful, with the beautiful color explosion, and those majestic sounds that becoming more and more familiar every time we are going through a new year or any special occasion. We often are willing to […]

5 Potassium Sulfate Uses in Daily Life – Formula – Applications – Solubility

As a living creatures we forget the fact that we cannot live without chemical reaction. What we eat, we wear, or even we throw contains some chemical compounds that without we know we ignore it. Or it simply because we do not know exactly what the beneficial of those chemical compounds can be for us. […]