12 Jobs in Pharmacy – Responsibilities – Salaries – Qualifications

In general, if someone wants to become a pharmacist, that person must obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy first after 4 years in college. After that they have to attend a professional program study about 1 to 2 years to earn a PharmD degree and can be called a pharmacist. With this PharmD degree someone can […]

6 Sub Branches of Pharmacy – History – Studies – Applications – Outlines

The term of Pharmacy comes from word farmakon in Greek that means poison or medicine. Pharmacy is one of health professionals division that is combined of health science and chemical science, who is responsible to assure the effective and safe use of pharmaceutical drugs. The scopes of pharmaceutical practice are includes traditional pharmaceutical practice such […]

6 Sub Branches of Inorganic Chemistry – Defination – Fields – Theories

Inorganic chemistry is one of the Branches of Chemistry, involves all element as the study domain of organic chemistry meant to be study of hydrocarbon then inorganic chemistry study everything else. This statement means inorganic chemistry has wider study because it involves all of element written on periodic table as well as carbon who has significant […]