7 Sub Branches of Biochemistry – The Study – Defination – Fields – Classifications

Thus, Biochemistry is the Branches of Chemistry. Biochemistry has emerged as dynamic science within the past hundred years. On 1500 up to 1800s, there were rapid advances in the understanding of basic chemical principles, such as reaction kinetics and the atomic composition of molecules. Many chemical produced in living organism had been identifier by the […]

7 Branches of Physical Chemistry – Fields – Applications – Study

This is the fourth of five Branches of Chemistry, which is physical chemistry. Thus, physical chemistry that focuses on phenomena macroscopic, miscroscopic, atomic, subatomic particles, and chemical processes through the system based on the physics concepts and principles. Meanwhile, there are some sub-branches of physical chemistry that need to be explained. Thus, physical chemistry meant to […]

2 Sub Branches of Analytical Chemistry – Different – Fields- Applications in Life

Analytical Chemistry is one of the 5 Branches of Chemistry. In years before, this is the purpose of many analytical chemist. Analytical chemistry fundamentally is about determining elements of a  substance. As time developing, modern analytic chemistry involves more than just determining element that are an identification of an element, elucidation of structure, and quantitative analysis of […]

6 Sub Branches of Inorganic Chemistry – Defination – Fields – Theories

Inorganic chemistry is one of the Branches of Chemistry, involves all element as the study domain of organic chemistry meant to be study of hydrocarbon then inorganic chemistry study everything else. This statement means inorganic chemistry has wider study because it involves all of element written on periodic table as well as carbon who has significant […]

5 Sub Branches of Organic Chemistry – Defination – Classification – Application

Around 1850, organic chemistry was defined as the chemistry of compound from living things because of that arise a term called “organic”. This definition was felt ancient in 1900 at that time chemist were synthesizing new compounds in laboratory, and many of these new compounds had no relation with any living things. Today, it is defined […]

5 Sub Branches of Chemistry – Studies – Outlines – Types – Examples

Meanwhile, chemistry is a subject with a broad explanation and theories. When you study chemistry, then you’ll find that there are several branches of chemistry. Here is the list of the main branches of chemistry that I know of, with an insight of what each branch of chemistry really is. You may also search: Job […]