30 Effects of Hazardous Substances and Chemicals on Prenatal Development

With the growing industry and technology advancement, people utilize substances and chemicals even more to sustain and improve their life. Some of them are derived from nature while the others are made synthetically in a lab. Be it from nature or artificial or either List of Organic Chemicals or the inorganic ones, those substances and chemicals will always have certain effects on human.

The effects maybe stronger for pregnant women as they are more apt to external stimuli due to the baby inside their womb. There are many research that prove some chemicals to greatly affect growing infant. What are these effects?

Here are 30 effects of hazardous substances and chemicals on prenatal development.

1. Nutrient Deficiency

The first effect of hazardous substances and chemicals is the deficiency of nutrient for the infant. Some of the chemicals block the passage of nutrition from the mother to the infant in her womb. For example, chemicals in cigarettes.

Those substances will cause deficiency and it will later affect the growth of the baby. Thus, it is best to avoid cigarettes and any other chemicals. This also apply for Harmful Cleaning Chemicals To Avoid During Pregnancy.

2. Poisoning Case

In the worst case, some chemicals or hazardous substances that a mother consume can cause poisoning. When this happens a chance of death may occur. The signs of this usually include an unstable condition of the infant and lack of appetite and nausea for the pregnant mother. If this occur, a hospital care may be necessary.

3. Physical Birth Defect

There are some harmful effects of hazardous substances and chemicals on prenatal development. Research proves that contamination of certain chemical can cause physical birth defects to the future baby. Physical birth defect can include incomplete body parts, malfunctioning organs and many more.

This happens because the chemical hinders the growth process of certain body parts. Therefore, make sure for a mother not to get exposed too much to certain chemical and hazardous substance.

4. Underdeveloped Brain Function

Aside from physical defect, the brain function can also get affected by the intrusion of hazard chemical and strange substance. Underdeveloped brain function will greatly affect the development of the baby later when the baby is growing up.

They may have certain mental disability or slow learning ability. Those chemicals usually come from gasoline, substance with carbon monoxide and many more. It is advisable for women to avoid them during pregnancy.

5. Premature Birth

The effect of hazardous substances and chemical can also trigger premature birth. Some toxic and bioaccumulated chemicals can trigger premature birth as they give effect that contracted the muscle in the womb. As a result, premature birth may happen occur. A baby that born premature may have several defects compared to baby that born normally. If this is the case, this kind of premature birth is dangerous for the further development of the baby.  

6. Siamese Twin

There is also case when normal twin born as siamese because of the effect of strange chemical intruding the womb. Siamese twin is actually possible for separation. However, if they share one organ that is too vital, one of them usually end up dying. If this is the case that means the lives of the babies are in danger.

For this very reason, mother should stay away from hazardous substances and chemicals as siamese twin usually end up in a more complicated health issue. Make sure to go check the womb to the doctor in case there are some unusal signs felt. Also see Safe Chemicals to Use While Pregnant and What to Avoid.

7. Unexpected Illness

Both the mother and the infant are in danger when there are certain undigested chemical seeping through the womb. This can cause unexpected illness resulting dorm strange absorption of foreign chemical. Some of the babies born with nutrient deficiency or a terminal illness.

The lighter case can be a mother going sick for days. In this case, a detoxification is needed in order to get the chemical purified from mother’s body or else the illness will stay in the infant until it is born. 

8. Long Prenatal Birth

While in some cases the hazardous substances and chemicals can cause premature birth, in other case it can cause delay in the birth of the baby. Some mothers experience how they have to carry the womb for more than 9 months.

There is an indication that this is not only a normal occurrence but it may also have to do with the fact that some chemicals are changing some elements in the womb ans as the result, the contraction will not happen in order for the mother to give birth. If this is the case, conrac wn expert and consult the result to find the exact cause of birth delay.

9. Health Issue

Some mothers will feel as if they are getting sick everyday. Starting fro nausea, headache, to big loss of hair, these health issue are caused by the intrusion of certain chemicals that are not accepted by the body. If this happens, consult expert to know if chemical is really the culprit.

10. Sudden Death

Another effect of hazardous substances and chemicals for prenatal development is sudden death. When the intoxication of those chemicals is getting critical, it is very harmful for both the mother and the infant and it can lead to death.

This is because so many strange chemicals will hindrance the development of the body and the health of the mother. When this case occurs, a sudden death may be the worst ending of all. Therefore, make sure to always check to the doctor if there is any problem with the pregnancy.

Other effects of chemicals on prenatal development

Here are more bad effects of hazardous substances and chemicals on prenatal development:

  • Sudden Pain in Womb
  • Strange Liquid
  • Suffocation
  • Unstable Mood
  • Slow Infant Development
  • Bloody Urine
  • Slow Mental Development
  • Incomplete Body Part of the Infant
  • Slow in Talking
  • Slow in Learning
  • Hyperactive Baby
  • Hurtful Pregnancy Process
  • Lopsided Infant Position
  • Slow Heart Rate
  • Short Breathing
  • Low Energy
  • Nose Bleed
  • Huge Hair Loss
  • Low Immune System
  • Numbness in Body

Hazardous substance and chemicals certainly are very harmful but it becomes much more lethal when it comes to prenatal development. Thus, mothers should take care of their infant. Indeed, there are 30 lethal effects of of hazardous substances and chemicals on prenatal development.

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