Oganesson Fun Facts You Must Know

There are many breaks through that continue to surprise what human is capable of. Going to the moon, inventing rocket, swim across the Atlantic are just some of them. Includes make super heavy chemicals inside a laboratory that is impossible to exist naturally.

Among the many chemicals in the List Of Chemicals On The Periodic Table the element 118, is an element with more than 100 protons insides the nucleus. The chemical is man-made and bigger than an atom. Scientific from Russia create the Oganesson element. This name is from the leading researcher of the superheavy element, Yuri Oganessian.

Fun Facts About Oganesson Chemical Element

There is some fun fact about the chemical element. From the day Oganesson was invented until this very day. From how and why it was created and also what can it do. Here are some of the fun fact about the chemical element

  1. Radioactive. Among the many Radioactive Chemical List, most of have a great impact on helping people do their daily life. Most of them even contribute to big things such as medical breakthrough and Industrial usage. This is also the case with Oganesson element.
  2. The Number. The No. 118 of Periodic Table of Elements, does not get a number out of thin air. The Oganesson previously designated ununoctium. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry or IUPAC place this element among the List Element Alphabetical Order. And in the end, approved element 118 with the name of Oganesson.
  3. Yuri Oganessian. He is a strong person in the world of chemical. He contributes many of his study from elements with atomic from 104 through 120. Of course, his greatest finding is a chemical that gets his name. He is well known for his idea of super-heavy elements possibility to be stable at a certain point. Although this seems hard to happen to the chemical 118. Its atomic is unstable and slowly break down.
  4. The Name. There are many researchers participate in developing and studying superheavy element. Although Yuri Oganessian is not the only one. He has been studying the matter for over than 60 years. The scientific world by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia dan Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory di AS give the name officially on 28 November 2016 based on the honour of Yuri Oganessian works.
  5. Noble gas Element. The Oganesson has one atomic element. That is why many believe it is Monoatomic Gas Definition.  It explains the number of protons in the nucleus. So, no wonder people believe it is a noble gas because of its atomic mass of 294 AMU. In a simple explanation, it is nonreactive and stable.
  6. Solid. In-room temperature the Og is solid. However, there are not many experiments with this chemical. So in other condition such as boiling melting point are unknown. The density also still a mystery.
  7. Highest Number. In atom and mass, Oganeson has the highest point. They are so little atom that the world know and further experiment are important to develop.
  8. No Practical Usage. A scientist needs to develop this chemical in the lab. Since there are not many people interested in this chemical, so not many atoms of Oganesson invented. There are no practical uses of it, besides inside the lab. it will always be popular as something that scientist able to put together.

There are many chemical both natural and scientific in the world. Most have use or specific reason for its recreation. That goes the same with Oganesson. The scientist can prove that it is doable to make up a new Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You from things that are completely man-made. And after years of study and collaboration. People can come together and create something wonderful.