A-Z List of Toxic Chemicals Within The Glycol Ethers Category

Chemicals Banned by EPA are extremely toxic, especially to the environment. Here is a list of toxic chemicals within the glycol ethers category. List of Toxic Chemicals Within The Glycol Ethers Category This list is released by EPA by providing three lists and chemical names to aid the related community in whether or not the report for […]

Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You, Check Out The Substances!

The long term myth around chemistry is the saying “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It vividly mentions examples of useful chemicals only come from anything that human make are dangerous. Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You There are actually many Examples Of Inorganic Chemistry In Everyday Life, that proven to be useful and needed. Moreover, there are […]

A-Z Chemicals in Mushrooms – Substances and Functions

A commonly edible mushroom is the white mushroom or Agaricus Bisporus. It is rich good chemicals such as the long List of Chemicals Derived From Plants. Although, the mushroom is either a plant or vegetable but more close to the fungi family. It contains water, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Moreover, it has high levels of chemicals such as […]

A-Z List of Chemical Plant in Gujarat

Chemical Plant flourishes in Gujarat, a part of India. The area is famous for their on growing economic sector. Moreover, Gujarat is one of the first few states in India to encourage private-sector investment. Therefore, the states have a List of Chemicals Companies in Gujarat. Meaning the Industry in the area develop with foreign companies as […]

Why Should Chemicals Never Be Smelt by Putting The Container to Your Nose

Doing chemical experiments should be fun because we can learn how the chemicals react with other components and see how it goes. But some people forget the danger of this activity. Some people also forget about how dangerous the smell of chemical compounds, people mostly don’t know how the smell is, so they just sucked […]

8 List of Chemicals Allowed in Organic Farming – Safe Chemicals

As many health organizations ruled out most chemicals as harmful chemicals effect on human health, many people has set their attention on organic farming list of chemicals allowed in organic farming instead. The difference between conventional and organic farming is the use of chemical. In organic farming, chemicals use are not as intensive as conventional one. […]

7 Uses of Triclosan in Toothpaste – Possible Hazards

Triclosan has been around for quite sometimes in industry. It has many uses especially for hygiene products such as soap, mouthwash, and toothpaste. The chemical itself is antibacterial agent as well as antifungi that can protect a surface from malicious microorganism. Being quite famous for a while, many industries utilizes triclosan including toothpaste just like […]

Uses of Benzoyl Peroxide in Polymerization in Daily Life

As we already know, Benzoyl Peroxide is used on face but not only that, Use of Benzoyl Peroxide in Polymerization will be discussed here. Before we discuss about it, we have to know two kinds of processes of polymerization like polymerization that is happened on Sodium Hyphonosphite in Daily Life. Addition Polimerization Addition polymerization is the […]

How Many Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals Are Banned in The United States

United States as one of developed countries in the world has their own regulation regarding chemicals. The one in charge of it is EPA or Environmental Protection Agency and FDA or Food and Drugs Administration. The classification of toxic chemical varies from its toxicity and how it affects either environment, human, or both. Moreover, the […]

7 List of Chemicals Weapon in Syria – Dangerous Weapon Attack

The war is currently happening in Syria. It is a common knowledge that peace is no longer exists in. there are many refugees seeking refuge. They even seek help up to European continent. As this war is happening in a more modern way, the weapons they use are not exclusive to physical weapons. Nowadays, they […]