12 List of Chemists Who Started Organic Chemistry – The Inventions

Organic chemistry is one of the earlier developments of chemistry. Organic chemistry is chemistry that deals with compound of organic or living being chemicals as seen in Examples of Organic Compounds and Uses. The start of organic chemistry was quite in early days as human learns to see how living being can be source of […]

7 Chemists Who Investigated the Composition of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Chemistry is major field in science. Almost all aspects in life have chemistry going on. Furthermore, the crucial field in the mankind developed as chemicals grow widely. All of that thanks to chemists who gradually discover or fabricate chemicals in their experiment just like chemists who contributed in the development of the Periodic Table. Although […]

12 List of Chemist Who Has a Solution for Not Succeeding

Chemist is a person who deals with chemistry as his or her field and focus on its expertise. However, the way to become one is not as smooth as silk. Several notable chemists known for their hundreds failed experiments but ended up succeeding and discover important invention and facts. List of Chemist Who Has a […]

6 Influential List of Filipino Chemists and Their Contribution to The World

Philipine has some influential like Julian Banzon, Fransisco Santos, Alfredo Santos, Lourdes Jansuy Cruz, Dr. Jose Juliano, Amando Kapauan, etc. In this article we would like to discuss some list of Filipino chemists and their contributions. List of Filipino Chemists and Their Contributions There are some influential chemists in Philiphine and their contribution, as follows […]

List of Chemists in India and Their Contribution to The World

Chemistry is defined as a science that specifically studies material changes, either chemical changes, or physical changes. And can be studied through aspects of the process, properties and energy involved in material change. Indian chemists are more focused on the treatment system than looking for ways to make gold. Unlike China, Indian chemists do not […]

12 Cool Experiments to Do at Home with Household Items for Kids

Science has evolved with many inventions around. With the development of science and technology, nowadays people can do their own experiment. Science experiment does not always involve complicated laboratory tools or equipment but instead can use simple tool just like household items. Surely those of experiments are only for the safe ones. It is best […]

29 Top List of Chemistry Universities in China

After we graduated from senior high school, we will choose our own paths. Whether we are going to get a job, continue to college, or even build a family, everyone have their own options which can affect their life and so on until they are finally reach their dream, and each of those options have […]

8 Notable List of Chemists in Australia and Their Contribution

The Australian chemical industry has hired more than 50 thousand people and contributes around $145 million annually to the Australian economy along with other science fields. Chemistry is still the more popular science field among the other. There are many Australian chemist that has impact in the Chemistry field. Here are the list of chemist […]

7 Chemists Who Contributed in the Development of the Periodic Table

Periodic table is the essential table in chemistry where it holds the list of chemicals in basic. The creation of periodic table took a long history. It is because each element discovered by different chemist. The periodic table has the chemicals or elements in ordered atomic number. Usually the metal compounds are on the left […]

8 Influential Chemists Who Worked on The Manhattan Project

One of the influential projects related to science especially in chemistry is Manhattan project. What is Manhattan project? Manhattan project is a project held by United States by inviting many American scientists to build the most powerful military weapon. The project was to make sure that United States able to secure power and victory during […]