8 Influential Chemists Who Worked on The Manhattan Project

One of the influential projects related to science especially in chemistry is Manhattan project. What is Manhattan project? Manhattan project is a project held by United States by inviting many American scientists to build the most powerful military weapon. The project was to make sure that United States able to secure power and victory during […]

Monatomic Gas Definition – Noble Gas, Monatomic Ion, and Formula

What’s the monatomic gas definition? Monatomic compounds were short form of mono (one) and atomic (atom). Therefore, you can consider monatomic compound as a single atom. Monatomic is different from diatomic where as diatomic means that it consists of two different atoms. When there’s a single independent atom, it is considered as a monatomic. You […]

Drawbacks of Democritus Atomic Theory – Origins and Impacts

Democritus (c. 460 BCE – c. 370 BCE) was a pre-Socratic Ancient Greek philosopher who explained about composition of matter. He also pioneered the concept of atoms which spurred the evolution of atomic theories. As a result, more and more atomic theories came up from different scientists from time to time until the proposal of […]

Atomic Theory by Rutherford – Model, Experiment, and Limitations

Atomic theory by Rutherford is the next atomic theory after the J.J. Thomson theory. We know that after the discovery of Dalton, the scientist were able to develop some great theories and experiments to help us understand the chemical models of atom. After Thompson’s atomic theory, Ernest Rutherford, and many more the experiment is held by […]

Atomic Theory by JJ Thomson – Structure – Model – Experiment

Atomic theory is one of the most basic study in chemistry. This theory opened the possibility to discover other new theories which then will be very useful in the chemistry study in general. One of the early scientist who discovered chemistry model of atoms was J.J. Thomson. He conducted the experiment to find out the new […]

Aristotle Brief Biography – Atomic Theory – Ancient History – Chemist

Aristotle is a Greek Scientist, today he is known as Father of Science. Let’s read about his biography. Aristotle was born on Stagira, Greek, in 384 BC. His father and uncle was a herbalist, so young Aristotle was understood about herbs in medicine. He was born in a rich family, because historian said his mother […]

5 Postulates of John Dalton – Atomic Theory – Studies – Drawbacks

Atomic theory is one of the great discovery in the chemistry study. This is the basic concept which gives the better understanding about many branches of chemistry, both in Branches of Organic Chemistry and Branches of Inorganic Chemistry. One of the popular name in atomic studies is John Dalton. He released the postulates of john dalton to describe […]

5 Chemistry Models of Atoms – Theory – Scientists – Definition

The concept of atom, especially the chemistry models of atoms, is really important in chemistry study. Atom is the tiniest of an element. Atom consists of three main parts which are proton, electron and neutron. Knowing the basic concept of proton, electron, neutron is helpful to understand the chemistry models of atoms. This article will cover […]