Here’s The Chemicals Brain Affected Depression in You

You need to get to know What Chemicals In the Brain Cause Emotions.  Things that make you feel all different kind of emotions such as happy, sad, angry and also affected depression. Let highlight the sad feeling that often times lead to depression and even death. The silent killer in the human emotional core is often misleading […]

What Chemicals That Make You Sad? Here’s on Your Body!

Depression is a serious condition that actually has something to do with chemicals that make you sad. It leads to negativity in someone way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. You just have to know What Chemicals In The Brain Cause Emotions such as happy or sad. What Chemicals That Make You Sad? Moreover, these emotions share real […]

Uses of Vanadium in The Human Body – Interaction and Properties

The chemical element represented by the V symbol and with the atomic number 23 is vanadium. Vanadium has a silver-gray color. Vanadium is included in the soft metal. Vanadium occurs naturally in 65 different minerals and in fossil deposits. Vanadium is a bright, white, soft and resilient element, and is mostly found in vanadinite and […]