Can I Leave Hydrogen Peroxide on My Face Overnight? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of chemical compounds which has structured as H2O2. This compound is easy and cheap to get. Moreover, it use for antibacterial, bleach, and disinfectant. In additional, hydrogen peroxide solves all of skin problems such as acne, pimples, skin lightening, and so on. So, how to use hydrogen peroxide for the […]

List of Harmful Chemicals in Plastic Toys Made in China That Dangerous for Babies Health

We all know that kids or babies are like to play toys. The reason why they should play toys because it can boost the cognitive and physical development. As parents, you must know and choose some toys are safe than others. So, it is really important to know before you buy plastics toys. You can be […]

Why Does Sulfuric Acid Conduct Electricity Better Than Citric?

One of the uses of chemicals is to conduct electricity. What is the meaning of conduct electricity? It means the ability to allow the flow of charge. Things with this ability are called electrical conductors. Some examples of good electrical conductors are copper and silver. Because of this characteristic, both materials are very useful in […]

Why Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Should Not Be Used to Dry Ammonia in Products? The Harmful Substances

There are many chemicals that we use on a daily basis. Those chemicals are the ingredients in the making process of our necessary products. For example, we shower twice a day. While showering, we are using hygienic beauty products such as soap and toothpaste. These products contain for most common ingredients. Top Four Useful Ingredients […]

What Is The Duration of Irrigation When Applying First Aid Treatment for Chemical Burns to The Eyes?

In our daily lives, it is very possible for us to get into accidents. Little accidents can happen anywhere. For example, when you are in the middle of cooking at the kitchen, you use the knife to cut some vegetables, and accidentally scrape your finger. If this thing happens, instinctively, you will rinse your finger […]

What Are The Uses Of Potassium Carbonate in Daily Life?

There are many chemicals involved in our daily lives. For example, when we are doing the dishes or the laundry, we use soap and detergent to make sure that all the dishes and the laundry are clean. In the process of creating both the soap and the detergent, surfactants are one the compounds involved. This […]

How Long Does It Take for Silver Nitrate to Wear Off The Skin?

Handling chemicals need precaution and safety measures. That is why Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard, so be able to handle them carefully. If not careful and follow the safety procedures, there is a severe illness that people can have by direct contact, inhaling or even accidentally have them in parts of […]

Properties and Uses Of Chromium Nickel Steel in Everyday Life

We live by day by day just minding our business. Without our knowing or justifying there are many chemicals substance all around us. Moreover, even our body is made up of chemical substance either organic or inorganic. So when you look at the industrial system and see various chemical substance in and all around. There […]

What Are The Uses of Mercury in Glass Thermometer?

One of the chemicals in the List Medical field there is mercury that one of them is in the form of a mercury thermometer. The glass tube measurement with mercury becomes a standard scale by watching the mercury element going up and down the scale. Moreover, with changes in temperature, it can be referred to from the […]

Why Does Silver Nitrate Stain Human Skin? The Dangers

A human that basically consist of protein can come across any chemicals and get annoying stains, just like when it interacts with silver nitrate. The substance that creates black color any part of the body, ever wonder why? There is Sodium Nitrate Common Use in daily life, but silver nitrate is something else. Do you ever wonder What are […]