10 Harmful Chemicals Banned in Europe But Safe in the US

We have already known that Europe is very different than the US. The differences between those two are not just about art, culture or food. Other difference that may confuse many people is their different attitude toward potential harmful chemicals in both food and cosmetics. EU, by its EU Cosmetics Regulation has banned over 1300 chemicals […]

10 List of Banned Chemicals in Cosmetics in Europe

Every woman needs cosmetics. Don’t you agree? The need of cosmetics is everywhere, from head to toe. Hair care, body care, skin care and makeup are all part of cosmetics that we use every day. But, have you ever checked your cosmetics’ ingredients? There are so many kinds of chemicals that we can find in […]

5 List of Food Ingredients Banned in Europe are Revealed

Ever craving a bowl of how cup noodles on a rainy days? Longing for crispy potato chips to munch while watching Netflix? Or perhaps feeling like chewing on a sweet, colorful  bubble gums as you line up in the queue? Those tempting, mouth-watering foods such as chips, candies, gummy bears, milk, soft drinks, instant noodle, […]