Uranium Recovery Process in Japan (Facts You Need Know)

Japan has always been linked to earthquake and tsunami. These two natural disasters is a common sight in Japan. Yes, when it hit the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. Things turn for the worse. The Nuclear plant has a meltdown and causes many lost. This goes to all the nuclear power plant in all over […]

8 Prohibited and Restricted List from Japan – Chemical Compounds

Every country has their regulation when it comes to chemical circulation. There are certain chemicals that are allowed for use and others that are not. In Japan, the regulation is no exception. As industry grows more advanced in this country, the use of chemicals in it also grows bigger and wider. The government has to […]

7 List of Banned Chemicals in Japan – Compound – Effects

Japan bans certain chemical substances to be used for manufacture, daily use, import and marketing. All of the banned chemical substances are under the regulation of Chemical Substance Control Law, Japan. Basically, Chemical Substance Control Law classify the banned chemicals into two classes, which are Class I and Class II Specified Chemical Substances. First, Class […]