5 Household Chemicals to Test Gold – Easy Ways

Although we all know the answers to the question What Household Chemicals Can Kill You which makes them dangerous for human health. There is actually some benefit with the proper usage for using the household everyday product to test the authentication of Gold. This precious metal has amazing properties that can be seen and identified through examination […]

Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You, Check Out The Substances!

The long term myth around chemistry is the saying “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It vividly mentions examples of useful chemicals only come from anything that human make are dangerous. Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You There are actually many Examples Of Inorganic Chemistry In Everyday Life, that proven to be useful and needed. Moreover, there are […]

6 Chemicals Used in Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling water tower system. Maybe some of us didn’t know what it is or maybe we even rarely heard about it or even see it. So before we talk about the chemicals used in it, we should know what cooling water tower system is, so that we can understand easier then. Cooling water tower system […]

15 Hazardous Substances Label Colour Based on HMIS

Hazardous substances are chemicals in which direct contact with them will expose human to series of  hazard. Any danger of substances should be taken and arranged carefully before something unexpected occurs. Each of the chemical has its own hazard and risk. Therefore, to inform people about the hazard, people can label the substances with colour. […]