What Happens When You Mix Isopropyl Alcohol And Water? Is It Gonna Be Harmful?

Do you remember the time when you are accidentally tripped and fell down? You got your knee grazed because of this. For sure the first thing you do was looking for the first-aid kit. You searched for antiseptics and applied it to the injured skin. From this everyday experience, we learn that antiseptics are useful […]

What Happens If You Mix Potassium Carbonate And water?

Nothing beat the fun in the chemistry class when you see substance mix together. You get to know chemicals compound that makes up the soap, or the natural ingredient in your kitchen as cleaning agents. Also, there are compounds that are great and very useful but can be dangerous if you accidentally put it together […]

What Is The Disadvantage of Using Chemicals On An Oil-Spill On The Water?

Huge disadvantages for the marine and underwater life if there are some condition when chemical accident or not, fall out to water. Oil spills are an example of highly dangerous List Inorganic Water Pollutant that can happen in the water. What Is The Disadvantage Of Using Chemicals On An Oil-Spill On The Water? Many things can […]

Measuring pH Value of Water in Chemistry – Formula and Examples

pH is an indicator that indicates whether the solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline. pH can also be interpreted as the concentration of hydrogen ions contained in the solution. The pH can also be translated as a negative logarithm value of the hydrogen ion concentration. Is pH very important in human life especially in water? […]

Elements of Water Supply – Phase Diagrams and Cycles

Water is a very important and an essential solution in this world. Water covers 75% of the earth surface which is part of the sea, rivers, and lakes. If there is no water in this world, there will be no life. In addition, 2/3 of the human body is also a water. Besides being used […]

8 Harmful Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Water Quality

Water is a chemical substance that covers about 71% of earth surface. Water molecules contain one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Earth and living-beings are highly depend on water, since their body is composed mostly of water, especially groundwater. Groundwater is only 0,61% of the entire world’s water but an important […]

10 List of Inorganic Water Pollutants – Substances – Effects

Many people would be agree on statement that said water is the source of life. Since human’s body are approximately 70% are liquid, then water undoubtedly is the most vital component of our life. With the raise of new products in human’s life it is an inevitable situation that people use many of branches of […]

6 Chemicals Used in Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling water tower system. Maybe some of us didn’t know what it is or maybe we even rarely heard about it or even see it. So before we talk about the chemicals used in it, we should know what cooling water tower system is, so that we can understand easier then. Cooling water tower system […]

Acid in Water Reaction – Theories – Formula – Experiment

In chemistry, understanding the basic concept of acid and base is really important. The characteristic of acid and base is vital to know how they would react with other types of matter. By knowing its properties and reaction, we can avoid any possible hazard from acid or base reaction. One of the popular chemical reaction […]

9 Chemicals in Water Supply – Substances – Pollution – Treatment

Water is the main thing in our life. Human body consists of over 60% of water and about 75% like what we have in the earth. The water is sourced from a continuous water cycle in the earth. The Ontario’s scientists also found the oldest water that have been recorded on earth aged 2.6 billion […]