The Result of Mixing Lead Nitrate And Potassium Iodide – The Reactions

There will always be a reaction whenever you mix two compounds together. So, what happens when you mix lead nitrate and potassium iodide? First, let’s find out about both of the compound. Lead Nitrate And Potassium Iodide Lead Nitrate is an inorganic compound which appears as a colorless crystal or white powder. Another characteristic of […]

Why Should You Be Careful When Handling Silver Nitrate? The Dangerous Effects!

There are many benefits of Silver nitrate as a chemical compound having many uses, with its versatile precursor to other compounds. The chemical substance comes from the ancient alchemists named silver as ‘luna’, and silver nitrate is also known as ‘lunar caustic’. The Useful Of Silver Nitrate Big and small quantities of silver nitrate are useful […]