Which Battery Lasts The Longest for Science Fair Project?

We must have experienced the time when we are looking for our flashlights during a blackout and when we find it, the flashlights do not work. There is also another situation when the clock at our home is not working all of sudden. Both cases are caused by dead batteries. When it happens, the only […]

In The Future, Will Hologram Toys Rule Out Pre-Existed PVC Toy Figures?

Every boys like toys, especially playing toys figures. The are so many kind of character of these toys figure. For example the figures of hero such as Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers, Anime like Naruto and many more. Most of toys figures are made of plastics. Actually, not only children who like these toys figures but […]

Why Should You Take B.Sc Course in Chemistry? The Benefits and Career Possibilities

So many students thought that Chemistry is the hardest course for university level. Moreover, choosing the Chemistry course has meant that you are willing to learn about all subjects which are related to Chemistry course. So, is it hard to take the Chemistry course indeed? Honestly, there are some crucial reasons why you should take […]

After Completing B.Sc in Chemistry, Which Courses Will Be the Best For Good Future?

Study is not being something will make you bored. It convinced by some experts who have gotten to reach the highest level of their study. They thought that study has supported their researches and analytical skills. So, how about B.Sc in Chemistry graduated? Do they have ability to do the same thing as the experts […]

Banned Chemical Spray Used on Food Crops Crossword – Clues – Answers

The Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA or The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act that underline the focus on agricultural chemical spray usage. It also raises questions on chemicals to spray on food crops crossword. Banned Chemical Spray Used on Food Crops Crossword Many farm groups consider spraying as a mild act of killing unwanted weeds or […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA – Harmful Substances

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) are the Federal institutes that manage pesticides in the United States. Therefore, it acts to prevent, destroy, mitigate, import, export or use of any harmful pesticides. Therefore, under FIFRA, Harmful Effects Of Chemical Pesticides On Human Health and Harmful Effects Of Using Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides can be prevented.  Chemicals under […]

A-Z List of Harmful Chemicals to Pregnancy – Things to Aware!

Woman come in contact with chemicals that is harmful in pregnancy more than men. From chemical ingredient in their cosmetics to products at home. Moreover, cleaning items have a high portion of harmful chemical inside it. However, there are also some chemicals that are safe for a pregnant woman. There are some chemicals or organic chemicals that […]

Why Should You Not Play with the Chemicals in the Laboratory

Many chemical reagents have been used in laboratory. There are some risks for not following proper rule, either playing with these materials which will endanger you and other person in the lab. Chemicals are something which you can’t play with. Why? Because they are very dangerous, toxic, explosive, corrosive, inflammable, and even cause skin burning. […]

Why Do Scientists Learn Artifacts from The Past? Here’s The Brief Explanation

A scientist is a person who did the research to find something new, even it’s to create a product or to find a new formula as an innovation. Being a scientist is some people dream. We can make a lot of new things from the experiment and doing the experiments is a lot of fun […]

What is the Study of Harmful Effects of Chemicals on Humans and Other Organisms?

Do you know that there are so many branches of chemistry? Do you know that there is a study in chemistry which focused on chemicals effects toward living thing? What is the study of harmful effects of chemicals on humans and other organisms called? yep, it is called Toxicology. What is Toxicology? Toxicology is a […]