Usages of Iodine Compound in Daily Life

You can not live without chemicals, even your body has them. Some chemicals are even vital to your life. Such as iodine which plays an important role in maintaining a certain hormone. So, this compound is one of the major elements and their chemical symbols found in living things. It is essential for both human […]

7 Functions of Gallium Element

There are many chemical in the periodical system. Some are more familiar than others. People may be more familiar with gold or silver. Although, there are more chemicals with various function in the world. However, in school, it is important to remember all of the elements. Yet, if there is no meaning on it, it […]

Why Is It Bad to Burn Garbage?

Garbage disposal can be challenging in a certain part of the household. Specifically where there is no dumpsite nearby or dumpster truck coming to your neighbourhood. Finding the disposal of household chemicals nearby can be difficult and often caused people burning their garbage. Reasons Not to Burn Garbage The activity is not only dangerous for […]

Uses of Noble Gases in Everyday Life

Chemicals come in either solid, liquid or gas. There is much monoatomic gas definition, one of them is noble gases. It is nonreactive and even one of the least reactive elements from all the chemical in the periodic table. There are six gases as noble gases. They are helium, neon, argon, oganesson, krypton, xenon, and radioactive radon. […]

Largest Uranium Producing Countries in The World

The general knowledge about uranium is never a good thing. It is related to nuclear bomb or power plant. There are good and bad uses of uranium in our daily life. Whether it is for industrial or mass production. Uranium is a substance that involves in many human activities. After the recent incident the nuclear reaction […]

8 Negative Impact of Disposable Diapers for the Environment

Diapers become a solution for busy parents today. The hectic of washing clothes almost ten times a day become more practical by simply putting on a diaper. Nowadays, there are many type of diapers that allow parents to have more choices based on their budget and perspectives. Disposable diapers are cheaper and very easy to […]

Facts about Livermorium Atomic Structure

Livermorium or Lv is a well-known chemical substance. The element has the most stable and consistent substance. It is also one out of any element in the list element alphabetical order. Like other elements, it consists of much atomic structure and many other details. People use chemicals for different purposes. As a medical substance or […]

How to Use Nitrite Acid to Test Silver

Silver and gold, are two precious metals in the world. Besides as a currency, they are the main ingredient of various type of jewelry. From ring, bracelet, necklace and earring. There are many combinations of beautiful stones covered by either silver or gold. Do not be mistaken, the glowing silver and gold can also come […]

Oganesson Fun Facts You Must Know

There are many breaks through that continue to surprise what human is capable of. Going to the moon, inventing rocket, swim across the Atlantic are just some of them. Includes make super heavy chemicals inside a laboratory that is impossible to exist naturally. Among the many chemicals in the List Of Chemicals On The Periodic Table the […]

Effects of Hazardous Waste Disposal to the Environment

Developed country tends to have better process of their hazardous waste. Not only they are more strict when it comes to chemical exposure to nature, the waste management is more advanced. Unfortunately, to avoid harmful effect of chemical waste needs a proper handling or it will come back and impact human life. The environment right […]