14 Harmful Cleaning Chemicals – Compounds – Side Effects

Harmful chemicals compound, many of them is used in household cleaners product. Nowadays, it is common for many people to use factory-made cleaners in their household. Because of its practicality, we use it to clean our house. Those cleaners are made from chemical compounds that some of you might have guessed it, has a potential […]

10 Chemicals Used in Organic Farming – Formula – Functions

Are you familiar with organic farming? Organic farming is the alternative to the agricultural system since 20th century. Organic farming is usually associated with the use of fertilizers from an organic origin, such as compost, green manure, bone meal, and so on. In details, organic farming is a system of agricultural production that does not use genetically […]

7 Helium Uses in Medicine – Properties – Medical Fields

For some of you, we believe you have already known this second ‘noble gas’ called helium. If you don’t know it yet, basically it is a chemical element located right after the hydrogen in the periodic table. It has two isotope, which is Helium-3 (with 1 neutron) and Helium-4 (with two neutrons). This gas is […]

7 Sodium Sulfate Functions in Daily Life – Formula – Uses

Sodium sulfate is one of the most used chemical compounds in many fields since the 17th century when it is discovered. You must be glad Johann Glauber discovered it. The first reason is because by using this sal mirabilis as Glauber named it, we can make a powdered detergent. We can wipe out the dirty things or stains […]