How Do You Make A Rainbow Science Project at Home? Simple and Easy

Have you ever dreaming on holding a rainbow in your hand? Well today might be the dream come true. Here we are going to tell you a lot of experiments to create rainbow. How Do You Make A Rainbow Science Project You can do this experiments with your kids or students and make them amaze […]

Why Should You Take B.Sc Course in Chemistry? The Benefits and Career Possibilities

So many students thought that Chemistry is the hardest course for university level. Moreover, choosing the Chemistry course has meant that you are willing to learn about all subjects which are related to Chemistry course. So, is it hard to take the Chemistry course indeed? Honestly, there are some crucial reasons why you should take […]

After Completing B.Sc in Chemistry, Which Courses Will Be the Best For Good Future?

Study is not being something will make you bored. It convinced by some experts who have gotten to reach the highest level of their study. They thought that study has supported their researches and analytical skills. So, how about B.Sc in Chemistry graduated? Do they have ability to do the same thing as the experts […]

What Are the Career Options after Graduating From Chemical Engineering?

Study and career are the best choices to stand existing. However, you have to dive the career life. It is always being valid on whatever major that you choose. So, how about the Chemical Engineering graduated? Does that major make you find the difficulties in order to reach the career options? If the Chemical Engineering […]

12 List of Chemicals Banned in India – Hazardous Substances

Many sectors involving human activities always need chemical in it. It is unavoidable that the advanced technology and the decline of natural environment force humans to rely on chemical. However, not all chemicals are safe. They always have side effects from minor to major ones. India as one of developing countries also relies on chemical […]

Uses of Ammonia and Compound as Fertilizers in Agriculture – Pros and Cons

Fertilizer is common in agricultural industry. The soil in the earth is no longer able to sustain plants and other agricultural products on its own. Therefore, to sustain the quality of agricultural products have long use fertilizer to ensure the plants and crops grow well. The production of fertilizer as list of importance of organic […]

12 Important Uses of Quartz in Daily Life – Valuable Mineral

Quartz is among the most important minerals. It also the most varied mineral as well as part of crystal. The compound of quartz consists of silicon material and oxygen into two tetrahydes that creates clear and crystal-like color. Form of quartz itself vary from solid to powder and often comes in two types of quartz. […]

7 List of Chemicals Weapon in Syria – Dangerous Weapon Attack

The war is currently happening in Syria. It is a common knowledge that peace is no longer exists in. there are many refugees seeking refuge. They even seek help up to European continent. As this war is happening in a more modern way, the weapons they use are not exclusive to physical weapons. Nowadays, they […]

What is the Study of Harmful Effects of Chemicals on Humans and Other Organisms?

Do you know that there are so many branches of chemistry? Do you know that there is a study in chemistry which focused on chemicals effects toward living thing? What is the study of harmful effects of chemicals on humans and other organisms called? yep, it is called Toxicology. What is Toxicology? Toxicology is a […]

Most Harmful Effects of Chemical Waste in Our Daily Life

What is chemical waste? Chemical waste is a waste that is made from chemicals, which are produced mostly by large factories. Those chemicals are potentially hazardous and it is usually a byproduct of a large scale factories and laboratories. There are some chemical wastes that are non-hazardous, there are some chemical wastes that are hazardous, […]