Uranium Recovery Process in Japan (Facts You Need Know)

Japan has always been linked to earthquake and tsunami. These two natural disasters is a common sight in Japan. Yes, when it hit the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. Things turn for the worse. The Nuclear plant has a meltdown and causes many lost. This goes to all the nuclear power plant in all over […]

Household Chemicals Poisonous to Cats – Love Your Pet

We are more than aware of the danger of household chemicals poses. As a human, we can read guidelines and follow all the safety instruction to any chemicals that we use at home. But our pets are vulnerable to experience harmful effect on chemical substance due to many reasons. What Chemicals Can Kill You, the household […]

Why Should You Be Concerned with The Chemicals Emitted By Fuels

How often do you pay attention to your vehicle fumes? Your motorbike burned black dusty pollutions. Your car leak out oil and bursting smokes. Those thin air problems are chemical. Moreover, it is a very dangerous chemical. When fuels burn and the vehicle takes its part on the road. It takes out chemicals substance. Moreover, […]

32 Harmful List of Artificial Sweeteners You Should Avoid

We can taste many kinds of flavors. A sweet flavor is one of them, and maybe one of the favorite tastes in our world. That’s why the production of artificial sweeteners is increasing every year to make a lovely sweet product with few or if possible no calories at all. Indeed, let’s take a look of […]

14 List of Chemicals in Shampoo (Harmful Ingredients)

A shampoo is one of the personal care products that we have used since a long time ago. Our ancestor used shampoo to clean their hair and keep its beauty, just like what we do nowadays. Right now, most of the shampoo products that we used contains synthetic chemicals. Factories made shampoo from a lot […]

30 International List of Banned Chemicals – Properties – Risks

Governments in around the world have banned some dangerous chemicals because the danger it poses to our health and also to the environment. Those banned chemicals are dangerous, so knowing them is extremely important because it can help us decide which kind of product we can use or consume. We suggest you to choose a […]

14 Harmful Cleaning Chemicals – Compounds – Side Effects

Harmful chemicals compound, many of them is used in household cleaners product. Nowadays, it is common for many people to use factory-made cleaners in their household. Because of its practicality, we use it to clean our house. Those cleaners are made from chemical compounds that some of you might have guessed it, has a potential […]

25 Most Dangerous Chemicals in The World (Health and Safety Awareness)

Chemicals have been parts of our daily life in many aspects. Most of the products we use, we eat, and we consume consist of chemicals. Some of the chemicals are dangerous, but if they are used in a right amount they will be very useful for human’s life. It is known that some industries rely […]