7 List of Banned Agricultural Chemicals that People Still Use

Agricultural chemicals are chemical agents such as fungicides and insecticides to control crop-harming organisms or viruses. People tried to handle this in various ways, such as removing crop debris after harvest and biotic control with the natural enemy like spiders. But we know that those methods don’t sound simple. That’s why, people use agricultural chemicals […]

5 Branches of Animal Biochemistry – Definition – Applications – Fields

Animal Biochemistry Definition  Basically, biochemical is the type of chemicals that can be found in living organisms. So, biochemistry can be defined as the branch of chemistry that study about chemicals that are found in living organisms from plants, animals, even to human. Biochemistry is the science that studies about molecules and chemical reactions that […]

33 Applications of Biochemistry in Daily Life – Medical – Agricultural – Pharmacy

Biochemistry Definition  There’re actually some different branches of chemistry study. There’re 5 popular Branches of Chemistry consisting of or organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. Biochemistry itself is the study that covers the chemical processes occurred in the living organism. Biochemistry study talks about all living organism and living process. You may also read: Branches of […]

15 Oxytocin Hormone Functions in Men and Women – Chemical Reactions – Effects

Oxytocin is probably one of the most well-known hormone type in human brain. It’s popularly known as love hormone. People also call this hormone as cuddle chemical, moral molecule, hug hormone and bliss hormone. This kind of hormone is known to have the significant role in human’s sexual reproduction system. In this article, we’ll cover […]

7 Sub Branches of Biochemistry – The Study – Defination – Fields – Classifications

Thus, Biochemistry is the Branches of Chemistry. Biochemistry has emerged as dynamic science within the past hundred years. On 1500 up to 1800s, there were rapid advances in the understanding of basic chemical principles, such as reaction kinetics and the atomic composition of molecules. Many chemical produced in living organism had been identifier by the […]