Uses of Ammonia and Compound as Fertilizers in Agriculture – Pros and Cons

Fertilizer is common in agricultural industry. The soil in the earth is no longer able to sustain plants and other agricultural products on its own. Therefore, to sustain the quality of agricultural products have long use fertilizer to ensure the plants and crops grow well. The production of fertilizer as list of importance of organic […]

8 Harmful Effects of Agricultural Chemicals on Water Quality

Water is a chemical substance that covers about 71% of earth surface. Water molecules contain one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Earth and living-beings are highly depend on water, since their body is composed mostly of water, especially groundwater. Groundwater is only 0,61% of the entire world’s water but an important […]

7 List of Banned Agricultural Chemicals that People Still Use

Agricultural chemicals are chemical agents such as fungicides and insecticides to control crop-harming organisms or viruses. People tried to handle this in various ways, such as removing crop debris after harvest and biotic control with the natural enemy like spiders. But we know that those methods don’t sound simple. That’s why, people use agricultural chemicals […]