3 Safe Warehousing of Chemicals by Chemical Manufacturers Association

First step we need to understand in safe warehousing of chemicals chemical manufacturers association is managing the associated risks. Some environment around us are extremely sensitive to to certain chemical and left some problems if are not noticing them. Problems are created by these environmental may be exacerbated by topography and soil condition which has […]

5 List of Food Ingredients Banned in Europe are Revealed

Ever craving a bowl of how cup noodles on a rainy days? Longing for crispy potato chips to munch while watching Netflix? Or perhaps feeling like chewing on a sweet, colorful  bubble gums as you line up in the queue? Those tempting, mouth-watering foods such as chips, candies, gummy bears, milk, soft drinks, instant noodle, […]

8 List of Banned Chemicals in Nigeria and Precautions

Headache, heart failure, even worse, death, are just few examples of signs of overexposure to hazardous chemicals. There are a lot more out there, be it affecting our respiratory system, ingestion, or even reproductive system. Those effects, as well as the effects that affect our environment for a long-term, are definitely concerned by countries. Of […]

8 List of Toxic Chemicals Banned or Severely Restricted in the P.R.C

People ban a chemical mainly because or their toxicity and hazards. If they’re released to the environment from a drum, or bottle, they doesn’t always expose us. But when we come in contact with it, by breathing, eating, or drinking, it might be hazardous for us. Along with the other factors such as the dose, […]

27 List of Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted for Import and Export

The chemicals trading culture between countries in the world are very fast growing due to the economic needs in every country. The action is widely known as chemicals importing and exporting. These actions usually done is a massive scale, making it a very serious bilateral trade. That’s why, because of its scale and process, exporting […]

15 List of Chemists – Biography – Invention – Discovery

The field of knowledge, especially chemistry has undergone many developments from time to time. Many ancient chemists have discovered new theories in this field and are beneficial to humankind. It is also possible that in the future will there will be more discoveries in the field of chemistry along with the life necessities. Here are 15 […]

Aristotle Brief Biography – Atomic Theory – Ancient History – Chemist

Aristotle is a Greek Scientist, today he is known as Father of Science. Let’s read about his biography. Aristotle was born on Stagira, Greek, in 384 BC. His father and uncle was a herbalist, so young Aristotle was understood about herbs in medicine. He was born in a rich family, because historian said his mother […]

10 Scientists Who Contributed to The Atomic Theory – Biography – Inventions

It’s a good day to talk about the science topic about famous scientist plus their contributions to the atom theory. In every era many scientist born into existence, start from the Ancient world until the modern era. They are always have the same traits, they had fought in justice to revealed the mystery of universe. These scientist had revealed how […]

67 Job Opportunities after Bsc Chemistry (#TOP High Salary)

Bsc (Bachelor of Science) is a degree given to undergraduate academic student from their science major. The students usually get this degree after finished a study for three till five years. Meanwhile, B.Sc Chemistry is the admission for those who want to spread their knowledge and education of chemistry. Also, by taking chemistry major you may […]