18 Jobs in Pharmacology – Description – Responsibilities – Salary

Pharmacology is an essential science in pharmacy. However, pharmacology is not really specific to pharmacy. Pharmacology is a branch of biology that focuses on research of drug action. In general, pharmacology can be interpreted by the interaction that occurs between living organisms and chemical compounds that can give effect to normal or abnormal biochemical functions. […]

15 List of Chemists – Biography – Invention – Discovery

The field of knowledge, especially chemistry has undergone many developments from time to time. Many ancient chemists have discovered new theories in this field and are beneficial to humankind. It is also possible that in the future will there will be more discoveries in the field of chemistry along with the life necessities. Here are 15 […]

6 Development of Atomic Theory – History – Chemists – Timeline

The atomic theory is a theory that states that matter is composed of discrete units called atoms. The term atom comes from the ancient Greek term atomos which means “indivisible.” According to its development of atomic theory until the 20th century, the theory that stated atom was indivisible was denied because the atom is actually […]

10 Scientists Who Contributed to The Atomic Theory – Biography – Inventions

It’s a good day to talk about the science topic about famous scientist plus their contributions to the atom theory. In every era many scientist born into existence, start from the Ancient world until the modern era. They are always have the same traits, they had fought in justice to revealed the mystery of universe. These scientist had revealed how […]