33 Common Radioactive Isotopes Used in Medicine – Types and Examples

Radiation is an expenditure and energy propagation through space or a substance in the form of waves or particles. The radiation particles are composed of atoms or sub-atoms which have a moving mass and also spreads at high speeds using kinetic energy. Some examples of radiation particles are electrons, beta, alpha, photons and neutrons. Radiation […]

12 Common Chemicals Used in Medicine – Types and Examples

In a pharmaceutical preparation, in addition to the active ingredient drug products also required excipients / additives. The excipient is an ingredient other than the active substance added in the formulation of a drug preparation for various purposes or functions. Although excipients are not the active substances, excipients are essential in pharmaceutical production to enhance […]

18 Jobs in Pharmacology – Description – Responsibilities – Salary

Pharmacology is an essential science in pharmacy. However, pharmacology is not really specific to pharmacy. Pharmacology is a branch of biology that focuses on research of drug action. In general, pharmacology can be interpreted by the interaction that occurs between living organisms and chemical compounds that can give effect to normal or abnormal biochemical functions. […]

11 List of Food Preservatives – Types and Examples

Food additives are ingredients used to improve and increase the usefulness of food. These food additives are deliberately given for certain purposes such as to improve consistency, nutritional value, taste, control of acidity or alkalinity, establish the shape, and others. Nevertheless there are some food additives that are toxic or may endanger public health if […]

17 List of Organic Chemicals – General Structures – Functions

Organic chemistry is one of the fields of chemistry that studies about the structure, properties, and composition of a compound. Organic chemistry is also often referred as carbonyl chemistry, because the elements that are studied in organic chemistry are elements containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, usually with the addition of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Each organic […]

15 List of Chemists – Biography – Invention – Discovery

The field of knowledge, especially chemistry has undergone many developments from time to time. Many ancient chemists have discovered new theories in this field and are beneficial to humankind. It is also possible that in the future will there will be more discoveries in the field of chemistry along with the life necessities. Here are 15 […]

6 Jobs in Pharmaceutical Industry – Responsibilities – Qualifications – Salary

Pharmaceutical Industry is an industry that engaged in the manufacturing of drugs, both drugs derived from natural materials and synthetic chemical compounds. The main purpose of the pharmaceutical industry is to prevent the spread of disease, reduce pain, cure disease, and slow the effects of aging. Every pharmaceutical industry is racing to find new drugs that can […]

12 List of Medical Fields – Careers – Applications – Specialists

Medical science is an applied science discipline group that deals with human and animals. In its development, medical science is divided into two studies, research, and knowledge about health, as well as the application of such knowledge to improve health, treat diseases, and understand biological functions in humans and animals. When studying the medical science, […]

12 Jobs in Pharmacy – Responsibilities – Salaries – Qualifications

In general, if someone wants to become a pharmacist, that person must obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy first after 4 years in college. After that they have to attend a professional program study about 1 to 2 years to earn a PharmD degree and can be called a pharmacist. With this PharmD degree someone can […]

6 Sub Branches of Pharmacy – History – Studies – Applications – Outlines

The term of Pharmacy comes from word farmakon in Greek that means poison or medicine. Pharmacy is one of health professionals division that is combined of health science and chemical science, who is responsible to assure the effective and safe use of pharmaceutical drugs. The scopes of pharmaceutical practice are includes traditional pharmaceutical practice such […]