Harmful Chemical Banned By The EPA In 1977 – The Substances

The United States has several departments that handle research, ban, recommendation for chemical usage in the US. These departments include EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), TSCA and FIFRA (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act). Chemicals Banned By EPA focus on the environmental impact of chemicals. Especially The Toxic Pollutant List as a part of the Clean Water Act by […]

A-Z Harmful Chemicals Banned by EPA – The Substances and Laws

Environmental activists work hard to reduce environmental contamination from hazardous chemicals and health awareness around it. Their struggle includes persuading the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to ban harmful chemicals with the supporting research data. Chemicals Banned by EPA Manufacturer, companies and general people can use the list from Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA, TSCA or Chemicals […]