Harmful Chemical Banned By The EPA In 1977 – The Substances

The United States has several departments that handle research, ban, recommendation for chemical usage in the US. These departments include EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), TSCA and FIFRA (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act).

Chemicals Banned By EPA focus on the environmental impact of chemicals. Especially The Toxic Pollutant List as a part of the Clean Water Act by The EPA in 1977. The list ensures that Effluent Guidelines regulations to address the problems of toxics in waterways. it is the year when EPA highlight List Of Chemicals That Can Go Down The Drain and also Why Should Chemicals Not be Released In Drain.

1. Acenaphthene, A toxic chemical that in the HM List Of Chemicals Banned In Production that poses harmful effect, especially in water.

2. Acrolein, a chemical also in the List Banned Chemicals Australia that can kill you.

3. Acrylonitrile, a chemical in the long list of Chemicals In Flame Retardant that not only pollute the water and soil but also pose threat to human health with suspect leading to cancer and other illness.

4. Aldrin/Dieldrin, with Effluent standard, promulgated alarming among the other chemical in the list. Moreover, both exist in the Chemicals Banned Under FIFRA as harmful pesticides chemicals.

5. Antimony and compoundsboth organic and inorganic compounds are in the list to establish a clear alarm of antimony dangerous compounds.

6. Arsenic and compounds, all arsenic combination chemical and compound are labels toxic with careful precautions in handling. Another reason Why Should An Individual Working With Chemicals Understand The Hazard.

7. Asbestos, a common toxic chemical that almost every list enlisted as hazardous and dangerous. The chemical has various negative Effects Of Environmental Chemicals On Human Health.

8. Benzene, there are actually many Uses If benzene In Everyday Life. However, that is before many parties understand the danger of the substance

9. Beryllium and compounds, substances Chemicals Used In Nuclear Weapon act as a great heat conductor that cause harm to humankind.

10. Cadmium and compounds, a compound in The List Of Banned Chemicals For US Market that due to its toxicity are banned in the US will of its compounds.

11. Carbon tetrachloride, a chemical substance in the List Toxic Chemicals Severely Restricted Import Export that toxic as pesticides chemicals.

12. Chlordane. all technical mixture and combination are considered highly toxic. With the impact of this pesticide that left chemicals remains that contaminate water and pollute the soil as Chemicals Found In Pesticides with carcinogenic effects.

13. Chlorinated benzenes, all are dangerous other than di-chlorobenzenes that permitted in a small dose. The others substance are also Chemicals Banned Under Stockholm Convention

14. Chlorinated ethanes, the EPA in 1977 highlight the ban in this chemical and all f its combination such as 1,2-di-chloroethane, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, hexachloroethane, Chlorinated naphthalene, Chlorinated phenols, trichlorophenols, and chlorinated cresols)

15. DDT a substance that poses as Inorganic Toxic Substances In Water as a common pesticides element that kills unwanted insects and plants but also danger another element of the ecosystems. Moreover, it contaminates the water with bioaccumulates effect within the body.

16. Endosulfan, which has numerous Harmful Effects Of Using Chemical Fertilizer And pesticides.

17. Haloethers are toxic with all other ether combination include chlorophenylphenyl ethers, bromophenylphenyl ether, bis(dichloroisopropyl) ether, bis-(chloroethoxy) methane and polychlorinated diphenyl ethers.

18. Halomethanes are banned alongside with its compound and combination such as methylene chloride, methylchloride, methylbromide, bromoform, dichlorobromomethane

19. Hexachlorocyclopentadiene, a substance that not in the List Banned Chemicals internationally but also among the List Of Banned Chemicals In Kenya.

20. Ethylbenzene, another chemical that is dangerous and among the many Most Dangerous Chemicals In The World that people need to be aware of.

21. Heptachlor, a substance often found in pesticides that It increases the risk of Alzheimer and also creating nerve damage in human.

22. Lead and compounds, a metal substance in the List Of Chemicals Evaluated For Carcinogenic Potential and highly toxic in water.

23. Mercury and compounds, whatever the usage of this substance there is a danger not fall behind.

24. Phenol, dangerous substance that danger the environment as well as in the List Of Harmful Chemicals To Pregnency

25. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a chemical that exists many of lists in the world that can cause to various diseases such as cancer and liver damage when it is exposed to human contact.

26. Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons the various combination of the substance also receive a ban, that includes Benzanthracenes, Benzopyrenes, Benzofluoranthene, Chrysenes, Dibenz-anthracenes, and Indenopyrenes

27. Selenium and compounds, EPA in 1977 established a toxic list of chemical which endangers the water and the surrounding environment. This chemical is among the most harmful in the list with Chemicals Element Human Body.

28. Thallium and compounds, when you see chemicals substances banned for usages you immediately thinking about the bad effects of what it can damages. This substance by far has the most harmful effect from all.

29. Toluene, the EPA in 1977 bans this chemical due to its toxicity despite its diverse usage of What Is Toluene Used For In Real Life. 

30. Toxaphene, a substance that in the List Of Carcinogenic Pesticides In Agricultural Industry. The substance not only pollutes the water but also remain in the soil for years because it is not degrade in the environment. Moreover, toxaphene can be malicious to living organisms the s nervous system as well as making cells degenerate faster.

31. Vinyl chloride, a well-known chemical that among the Most Dangerous Chemicals In The World pollute the water, soil from all of its usages.

32. Zinc and compounds are a metal element that pollutes water and soil for decades and creates harm to human and other animals.

There are over than 60 toxic chemicals in the Clean Water Act by the EPA in 1977. The list establishes a basic structure for regulating pollutants into the water. Moreover, it also distinguish How Many Chemicals Are Banned In The United States and how they are serious with their law.