7 Uses of Triclosan in Toothpaste – Possible Hazards

Triclosan has been around for quite sometimes in industry. It has many uses especially for hygiene products such as soap, mouthwash, and toothpaste. The chemical itself is antibacterial agent as well as antifungi that can protect a surface from malicious microorganism. Being quite famous for a while, many industries utilizes triclosan including toothpaste just like List of Chemicals in Shampoo.

There are some uses of triclosan in toothpaste as mentioned below.

  1. To Reduce Bacteria in Mouth

The antibacterial nature of triclosan makes it an effective bacteria killer for toothpaste. As science already proved, the inside of human’s mouth contain a lot of bacteria. Those bacteria are not only from inside but also come from the food chewed and swallowed in mouth.

Those foods transfer the bacteria and lead to to decayed tooth, toothache, gum problem and many more. Triclosan in toothpaste helps to reduce the bacteria and lessen the risk of catching disease by brushing teeth using toothpaste that contains triclosan.

  1. Preservative for Product

Aside from its effect to the mouth and teeth, triclosan also has preservation effect to the product itself. Its non-ionic antibacterial helps to preserve the chemical and ingredients of the toothpaste to stay longer as well as to keep it uncontaminated.

With this function, triclosan plays huge part in the composition of toothpaste even though it has crossed FDA banned chemical and decline use in many hygiene product, some toothpaste companies still use triclosan in their toothpaste ingredients.

  1. Antifungi Agent in Toothpaste

Triclosan also has antifungi function that makes it a good ingredients to preserve toothpaste from getting attacked by fungus. Antifungi agent in triclosan prevent the growth of fungus in both the mouth and tweet as well as inside of the toothpaste itself.

Moreover, triclosan as anti fungi agent helps to kill fungi that may reside inside the mouth or hidden beneath the teeth and plastered on the gum.

Aside from toothpaste, some products previously also utilize this function of triclosan before it has the possibility of internationally banned chemicals.

  1. Control Plaque Forming

Another reason why some toothpaste companies insisted to still apply triclosan despite listed in List of Harmful Chemicals in Toothpaste in their products is because triclosan can control plaque forming inside the mouth.

Plaque formed on teeth as a result of decomposed bacteria and decayed tooth or lack of brushing teeth. It can occurs easily and most people have at least a plaque on their teeth. Since they form easily, good toothpaste usually has to be able to get rid as well as prevent plaque from forming.

However, since the use of triclosan has caused controversy, there is a debate whether triclosan is safe chemical or not. 

  1. Keeping Mouth Fresh

Here’s the uses of Triclosan in Toothpaste. Smelly mouth comes from activity of bacteria. This has become one of the trickiest problem that people suffer from. People tend to judge others with smelly mouth with negative impression eventhough smelly mouth can also indicate an illness and not merely a neglect of hygiene.

This is where toothpaste is needed because not only it should clean the teeth and mouth in general but toothpaste also has function to keep the mouth fresh. Tokeep the mouth fresh, triclosan gets rid of bacteria and plaque that are the main source of smelly mouth.

  1. Prevent Toothache

Another use of triclosan in toothpaste is to prevent toothache. The pain from toothache can cause sufferer to experience discomfort as well as intensive pain that will make someone unable to be active as usual.

There are some causes of toothache with lack of brushing teeth as one of them. This is when triclosan steps in as effective antibacterial agent that prevent bacteria to decay tooth and destroy the crown of the teeth that usually cause toothache.

Overwhelming pain of toothache is something that people can prevent by regularly brushing their teeth. However, there is a controversy that triclosan may disrupt hormonal activity thouh not yet proven to human.

  1. Improve Gum Health

Teeth is not the only concern of mouth health. Any possible discomfort and illness can also come from the gum. The pinkish flesh beneath the teeth is very sensitive to disruption from bacteria invasion. When someone brushes their teeth and blood coming out from gum despite not brushing it too hard can indicate unhealthy gum.

The use of triclosan in toothpaste is to improve gum health by protecting it from bacteria and fungi. Disease caused by gum unhealthy state can run to other parts of organs. What seemingly harmless discomfort can expose danger to people. Companies use triclosan to preserve the health of gum furthermore. 27 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Creams – Effects to Health

Possible Hazards

Despite many uses of triclosan in toothpaste, there are possible danger that this chemical possess as followed in the short list below.

  1. Disrupt hormone. Causing imbalance of hormone in thyroid gland and make immunity of the sufferer drops or fatigued easily
  2. Weakening immune system. People who exposed to triclosan may get sick easily as their immunity drops, causing illness to easily reside within body.
  3. Provoking allergy. Triclosan also get rid of good microorganism within body that fights for the malicious ones. As a result, body will be less immune to allergen and users, especially children, may catch allergy.
  4. Developing asthma. Another danger of triclosan is it can also cause asthma even to those who does not have asthma in their family record. Its substance can enter lung and provoke asthma.
  5. Developing eczema. Triclosan can also trigger skin problem such as eczema. Eczema can develop into malicious skin rash as well as red patches that will hinder daily activity. However, triclosan is also among chemicals to avoid in skin cream


Triclosan in toothpaste is debatable. In one side it has many benefits such as anti bacterial agent, preventing plaque and smelly breathe and many more. However, study using mouse also found that triclosan may endanger human’s health just like some List of Harmful Chemicals In Toiletries