7 List Hazardous Chemicals in Dental Office Everybody Should Aware

Chemical is not exclusive used in factories for industrial purpose only. There are also chemicals in dental office. Dental office deals with dental treatment. In this office, there are many dental equipment to treat teeth as well as chemicals needed for it. However, not all chemicals in dental office are safe just like Examples of […]

8 Inorganic Toxic Substances in Water – Water Pollutants

Water is a critical source of living organism. Without water, the organism will not be able to survive. However, as industry keeps growing, most of them prefer to dump their chemical waste on water. Hence, there are many toxic substances spread in water including list of inorganic water pollutants. These chemicals may affect the ecosystem […]

12 Toxic Chemical Found in Gold Coast Water – Water Pollutants

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, Australia. Study claims that Gold Coasters pay more for water bill than any Australians. However, because of the use of chemicals in industry, the water flowing in Gold Coast may contain toxic chemicals list of inorganic water pollutant that can endanger both environment and the individual who drink the […]

8 Prohibited and Restricted List from Japan – Chemical Compounds

Every country has their regulation when it comes to chemical circulation. There are certain chemicals that are allowed for use and others that are not. In Japan, the regulation is no exception. As industry grows more advanced in this country, the use of chemicals in it also grows bigger and wider. The government has to […]

8 List of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms in Canada

There are many chemicals circulating in Canada with many purposes. One of them is firearm. Firearm is portable gun in which it acts as weapon whether for defense or offense purpose. The firearm is not supposed for civil use. However, as United States adopts a law that enables civilians to own a gun, many Canadians […]

12 Health Canada List of Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic is a popular product across the world. Its range varies from hair, skin, body, to face products. The purpose of cosmetic is to maintain the aesthetic as well as the health of those parts. The spectrum of customers using it is also wide. Ranging from adult, teenager, kids until baby and toddler. Seeing how […]

12 List of Prohibited And Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients In UK

Cosmetic has been around for a while. It is a product where people use it to enhance look without taking under the knife. The purpose of cosmetics varies; from skin lightening, acne care, and make up products. In the modern era, the production of cosmetic does not only revolve around natural source, but also synthesized […]

12 List of Chemicals Banned in India – Hazardous Substances

Many sectors involving human activities always need chemical in it. It is unavoidable that the advanced technology and the decline of natural environment force humans to rely on chemical. However, not all chemicals are safe. They always have side effects from minor to major ones. India as one of developing countries also relies on chemical […]

8 List of Chemicals Allowed in Organic Farming – Safe Chemicals

As many health organizations ruled out most chemicals as harmful chemicals effect on human health, many people has set their attention on organic farming list of chemicals allowed in organic farming instead. The difference between conventional and organic farming is the use of chemical. In organic farming, chemicals use are not as intensive as conventional one. […]

8 List of Carcinogenic Pesticides in Agricultural Industry

Agricultural industry in modern era revolves around chemicals in order to enhance plants and crops production. The chemicals used in agriculture such as ammonia in fertilizer and pesticides in which the two of them are the most used. One that raises concern is pesticide. What is Pesticide? Pesticide is a chemical used to get rid […]