Why Is It Bad to Burn Garbage?

Garbage disposal can be challenging in a certain part of the household. Specifically where there is no dumpsite nearby or dumpster truck coming to your neighbourhood. Finding the disposal of household chemicals nearby can be difficult and often caused people burning their garbage.

Reasons Not to Burn Garbage

The activity is not only dangerous for the environment but also for your health. Not to mention it also against the law in several states and countries. In most cases, it is due to those harmful chemicals in air pollution states above that burning garbage is forbidden. Here are some reasons why is it bad to burn garbage.

  • Small fires could become a big trouble.

A fire can start from little sparks. People need to stop burning garbage in barrels or in fire pits. It seems harmless but it can also cause a wildfire.

  •  Disturbing smokes.

 It depends on what you are burning. Wood, plastic and even organic items can cause disturbing smoke. The chemicals are released when plastic is burned and another substance, that is something which people need to be aware of. The burning process produces not only smoke but also various toxic substances not to mention the bad smell.

  • The chemicals move into your body.

Just by breathing smoke from burned garbage or in the contaminated area and eating food source near of it can cause the body filled with a dangerous chemical.

  • Chemicals into your food.

Do not take burning trash lightly. They can settle on fruit and vegetable. Even the remaining ash could enter the crop soil and garden soil, so it will pollute the environment.

  • Pollution.

The pollutant – as a result from burning garbage – releases smoke to the air, and the ashes could put in the water and soil.

The long term effect is there will be health issues occurring due to that condition. That is why burning garbage is one of the human activities affecting the life of ecosystems and it is extremely dangerous.

  • Uncommon garbage.

There are more garbage in the dumpsters than just the typical bottles, papers and food waste. In fact, there are more chemical materials that need careful treatment when it becomes the rubbish waste.

Things such as batteries, inks and electronic parts, which are among the household items can you use to make a fire, when those things are accidentally burned within your garbage they can release toxic chemicals.

  • Health issues.

An open-air burning garbage can lead to serious health issues caused by exposures to smoke. Some of them are sensitive respiratory failures, nausea, headaches and rashes.

The toxic chemicals from burned garbage are dioxins, arsenic, lead, mercury, PCBs, hydrochloric acid and many other dangerous chemical. 

  • Garbage remains garbage.

Even though after burning garbage, there will be the remaining garbage that will not burn. You still need to pick up the garbage’s ashes and other parts which can not be burned. Things like fruits skins, vegetable’s parts and even used batteries are just among things that you cannot burn.

  • Climate change.

Yes, one of the long term effects of burning garbage is contributing to the changing of climate. Particularly when you set of burning garbage in your backyard out in the open air. Smoke that go up is not just pollution but it will be affected to the surrounding areas.

There are many bad things can occur when you burn garbage instead of delivering them to the garbage dump properly. The reasons above give more reasons why should chemicals be disposed of properly.

There are bad effects that lead to another bad effects that can be harmful in the future. Failed to take care of it just postpone the results which sooner or later will come back and cause even greater problems.