7 Functions of Gallium Element

There are many chemical in the periodical system. Some are more familiar than others. People may be more familiar with gold or silver. Although, there are more chemicals with various function in the world.

However, in school, it is important to remember all of the elements. Yet, if there is no meaning on it, it will be just some chemicals and their symbols. Moreover, there is a history behind every chemical symbols beside their uses and functions. 

Take for example the Gallium element. It has a silvery colour and more to the non-metal properties. It got its name from the inventor. The name “Gaul” which means France in Latin.

The element that exists as one of the chemical element human body was named by Lecoq de Boisbaudran. He added his name to the element. The word Lecoq means ‘the rooster’ which became ‘Gallus’ in Latin. What is this element exactly?

This element is soft and has a silver colour. It looks like aluminium but it is softer kind of metal. The Gallium which is in the long list element alphabetical order also has the same structure as silicon.

Moreover, it is a very useful element in various industries. From electronics to medical, the usage of this element is very versatile. Here are 7 functions of Gallium element.

1. Semiconductor Component

Gallium is a really important element to take the place of the silicon usage in the electronics industry. Therefore, it gives semiconductor effects that are useful for electronics such as mobile phones, Blu-ray technology, and blue and green LEDs. Gallium nitrite has particular elements, different from other chemicals.

2. Turn Electricity into Light

The element is also a key factor in making red LEDs (light that makes diodes). It can change electricity into the form of light. Moreover, solar panels also take advantage of using this substance for some space trips. Mars Exploration is one of the good examples. So, Gallium arsenic makes a perfect lightning source for difficult areas.

3. Record Temperatures

Gallium is considered of having high boiling point. Thus, it is an ideal chemical for recording temperatures that vapours a thermometer. You can use it for various medical and biological goals. It is non-toxic. Therefore, you can conclude that it is safe. If you are wondering what are the uses of mercury in glass thermometer, it records data from different temperatures. So, the Gallium can replace the common thermometer that uses mercury which is more dangerous.

4. Component for Optoelectronics

Gallium arsenic and nitrite is another form of Gallium. They make a great impact in various optoelectronics devices. This is the industry that reaches $15.3 billion in 2015 alone. The Aluminium Gallium Arsenic (AlGaAs) and Indium Gallium Nitrite are high in demand for optoelectronics devices. It particularly comes in red or green set. It is important to make laser diodes and light-emitted diodes.

5. Television Transmission

One of the major impacts of Gallium in various industry is for cable television transmission. It can send signals from one electronics to another. It can transfer transmission for satellites, wireless infrastructures or power electronics, as it is one of the uses germanium everyday life. Therefore, people’s life is easier with the help of technologies.

6. Medical Usage

There is no actual function of Gallium to the human body. Biologically, Gallium influence the body similar to iron. It is an important chemical in medicine as a solution to inflammation. Thus, it is a very good pharmaceuticals element for medical usage. It is also a key factor as an anti-cancer treatment. Researchers find out the chemical element as a very potent treatment for various illness.

7. Telescope

Gallium can recognize neutrino. With the largest number of pure gallium in Gallium-Germanium Neutrino Telescope, it can detect many things. The detector with tons of watered gallium-71 can detect solar neutrinos.

Those are just some of the functions of Gallium element. That is the way this chemical is a very important element for the future. It develops technology and helps people in their daily activities. Moreover, it can replace more dangerous chemicals. You can expect a cleaner and safer device in the future.