In The Future, Will Hologram Toys Rule Out Pre-Existed PVC Toy Figures?

Every boys like toys, especially playing toys figures. The are so many kind of character of these toys figure. For example the figures of hero such as Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers, Anime like Naruto and many more. Most of toys figures are made of plastics. Actually, not only children who like these toys figures but […]

How Are Companies Allowed to Sell Toys Made of PVC When It’s So Dangerous?

We know that kids are like playing toys. Mostly toys that use by kids are made of plastics. In fact plastics that use for kid’s toys are exposed to many harmful chemical. Although playing toys can boost they cognitive and physical development. Moreover, the parents should buy healthy and safety toys for their kids. The […]

What Chemicals Are Released When Plastic is Burned?

We all know plastic has become a part of our daily lives. Without realizing that, we often use plastic bags when we go shopping to the market, supermarket or department store. We also sometimes drink beverage bottles that made from plastic and use the other plastic objects. Actually this causes the amount of plastic waste […]

Two Household Chemicals that Explode When Mixed (Watch OUT!)

In our daily life sometimes we use chemical household like cleaning agents. There are so many brands of cleaning agents that found in market or department store. It is not difficult to get it. We all know cleaning agents is very helpful and useful for us. It can be used to clean many things in […]

The Dangerous Effects of Burning Plastics in the Environment

The activity of burning garbage can still be easily found in many residential areas in our country Indonesia, including plastics. Why are they doing that? To reduce plastics quickly in order to the garbage does not accumulate in other day. It is true that the pile of plastics will be reduced after being burned and […]

List of Harmful Chemicals in Plastic Toys Made in China That Dangerous for Babies Health

We all know that kids or babies are like to play toys. The reason why they should play toys because it can boost the cognitive and physical development. As parents, you must know and choose some toys are safe than others. So, it is really important to know before you buy plastics toys. You can be […]