In The Future, Will Hologram Toys Rule Out Pre-Existed PVC Toy Figures?

Every boys like toys, especially playing toys figures. The are so many kind of character of these toys figure. For example the figures of hero such as Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers, Anime like Naruto and many more. Most of toys figures are made of plastics. Actually, not only children who like these toys figures but also adults.

They even not hesitate to collect it. The prices of these toy figures are various. These are comes from abroad. Starting from the cheap ones in the price range of hundreds of thousands to million. Therefore, it is not suprising if the price is more expensive.

Parents do not prohibit their kids for playing toys figures. However, what we need is giving warning or watch out the use of plastic materials in the toys figure. Remembering, plastic contains chemical harmful to our children’s health.

The toys figure are packed in a plastic box. There is also a hologram sticker that actually has a function. Especially to maintain the security of the children’s toy products.

Scientific study

The use of chemical harmful in plastic toys, including toys figure already has standard in ago. Based on CEN in European (Committee for standardization) EN 71-5:2015 ago about the safety toys.

This European standard specifies requirements and test methods for the substances and materials used in chemical toys. In this part of the EN 71 standard there are provides many rules such as requirements for markings, warning, safety rules, list of contents, instructions for use, and information about first aid of toys. Here’s also about How Are Companies Allowed to Sell Toys Made of PVC When It’s So Dangerous?

It is different in the U.S. Toy makers follow to mandatory safety rules and regulations based on ASTM F963 (Standard Safety Specifications for Toy Safety issued by ASTM International). This regulation since 1986 and has been considered a standard toy security and its replicated throughout the world. Here’s also about List of Harmful Chemicals in Plastic Toys Made in China That Dangerous for Babies Health

In 2016 this standard already revised. The revision included existing toys with: new curb impact requirements, clarification of overloading requirements and stability and rope release. The other revision in this standard including clarification of additional requirements and guidelines for the impact of hazards.

Here also written about child safety. A guide to how to comply with federal toy safety standard. All toys intended use by children 12 years old and under age, must be tested by third parties and certified in the Children’s Product Certificate. Of course it is depend on federal toy safety standards imposed by congress and also other applicable requirements. Here’s also about List of Harmful Chemicals to Pregnancy

ASTM F 963-16 as the standard of consumer safety specification for toy safety is a very comprehensive standard. It is addresses many of the hazards identified in toys. Because we know that in toys especially made of plastics has chemical harmful materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or (#3 recycling code). Plastic often contains harmful chemicals. Including such as carcinogens as vinyl chloride, dioxin and phthalates and also volatile organic compounds that are causes cancer disorders and disrupt hormones. Here’s also about Harmful Chemicals Banned by EPA

In the future, we hope our manufacturers or importers are responsible for identifying the standard parts of toys that apply to their products. After identify the requirements that apply in their product. They must use a laboratory that accepts the CPSC to do the testing.

As the consumer we need satisfied toys product from the manufactures . They must bring the hologram toys standard like PVC-free is must labeled in toy’s box. Because it is so important to know what are the safety toys purchased by us.

Although we can’t avoid if in the future toys with are more expensive. A designer expert Fisher-Price believes that even in a world where technology consistently becomes cheaper. There is still a market for high-end smat toys.

Finally, as a good consumer, we need to be more observant in buying children’s toys, do not be easily provoked at a cheap price. Here’s also about China List Of Toxic Chemicals Prohibited From Import And Export (Harmful Substances)

We must to choose toys or figure toys according to the age of the child, are not affected by advertising. We also to read label or hologram toys

We also get used to reading labels and educate children to wash their hands after playing toys for their health.