Two Household Chemicals that Explode When Mixed (Watch OUT!)

In our daily life sometimes we use chemical household like cleaning agents. There are so many brands of cleaning agents that found in market or department store. It is not difficult to get it. We all know cleaning agents is very helpful and useful for us.

It can be used to clean many things in our home like clothes, floor, window etc. Without it we would have difficulty to clean our property manually.

Sometimes to get maximum results, people mix several cleaning agents together. Although, several cleaning agents are made from chemicals compound.

When we mixed several chemical compound from the other cleaning agents, it will cause a chemical reaction that very harmful for us. So you should not mixed that. Based on the source these are six cleaning agents that so dangerous and it can exploded if mixed together.

1.Drain cleaners

Drain cleaner is a cleaning agent product for sewers such as wastafel sink, toilets, bathrooms and bathtubs. Some drain cleaners are alcaline (basic) while others are acidic.

The alkaline drain cleaners sometimes have bleach, which when mixed with acid produces chlorine. Drain cleaner consist of harmful chemical. It will be more dangerous if mixed together with other chemical compound from other drain cleaner products. Mixing two drain cleaner products can also make an explosion.

  1. Ammonia and bleach

If you know bleach and ammonia produce vapors or toxic gas called chloramine. This is causes severe damage to your respiratory system like shortness of breath and chest pain.

And you must know that a lot of cleaning agents for windows or glass it is contains ammonia. So, dont mixed it with bleach because it is very dangerous for you especially for your health.


  1. Vinegar and bleach

Don’t ever mix together vinegar and bleach, why? Because its so dangerous. It is wrong if you think mixing bleach and vinegar can be used as a good cleaning agent. It doesn’t work as you want or can cleaning like household in your house better.

If you add a weak acid to bleach, it creates vapors of toxic chloramine and chlorine even in low levels. These vapors can cause serious chemical burns to your eyes and lungs, including cough and problem in your respiratory system.

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  1. Baking soda and vinegar

As we know, baking soda is commonly use for making cookies or cakes while vinegar is usually added in vegetables.

Many people think that the two of ingredients that is baking soda and vinegar are the good cleaning agents for removing something dirty in their household.

Although nothing happens when you mix them together, but basically the two of ingredients are neutralize each other.

So, you just lose all the functional aspects of that. Now, you must be aware and give warning don’t ever mix them together into such a closed container because it will cause an explosion.

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  1. Rubbing alcohol and bleach

When rubbing alcohol and bleach are blended, this combination makes chloroform.

Maybe you have heard about chloroform? If you never hear it, you should have seen the action film. A criminal use a handkerchief in film for held his victim. They usually use chloroform liquid.

Even though it doesn’t really make you faint. The combination of chloroform that in fact is kind of alcohol and bleach can cause irritation and toxicity.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

You have heard that hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar can be use to clean the fruits safety. However, the experts recommend that you don’t try to mix the two of ingredients in the same container.

It is because combining the two of ingredients (Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar) will creates peracetic acid. It also will cause toxicity, irritate skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

So, from now you make a rule to never mix bleach or the other chemical household with anything except water. Because is so dangerous for your health and it can cause an explosion if you get wrong combination of the two chemical compound.