A-Z Chemicals Banned in Firecrackers – Dangers – Cautions

In many events, including happy new years’ eve, most people are often lighten up a firecracker as a symbol of celebration. However, the usage of firecrackers has led to many injuries to human, and even any deaths. Have you considered any serious environmental and health effects of firecrackers?

Moreover, firecrackers have contributed to give pollutant and damage our earth. It can be happened by chemicals banned in firecrackers, including arsenic, strontium, lithium, antimony, lead, and mercury.

The content of firecrackers has brought many incidents. Here is the list banned chemicals banned in firecrackers:

  • Lithium

Lithium is an alkaline metal which has been used to give the red color to fireworks. Lithium is a reactive substance and dangerous chemical in everyday product. This color is resulted from the lithium salt, including lithium carbonate or lithium chloride. Lithium is a silver metal which is grayish white due to oxide formation. It is usually change into yellow because of air and moisture exposure.

This substance is corrosive enough and will expel corrosive fumes when it gets burned. Lithium is also classified as explosive chemical examples. Lithium has been used in many aspects in everyday life, including rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and electric vehicles. Lithium is also made into alloy with aluminium on industry uses to improve their strength, yet the material will be lighter. However, when this substance contact with eyes, it causes any irritation or burn.

  • Antimony

Antimony is used to give glitter effects to firecracker and part of fireworks elements. Antimony is a grayish white which found in the earth. Antimony could be mixed into alloy with other metals, such as aluminium to create antimony alloys or combined with oxygen in order to form antimony oxide. The combination metal is used to improve the strength because antimony will break easily.

The antimony alloy will be used in storage batteries, sheet and pipe metal. Antimony oxide is being used in textiles and plastics to prevent any fire accident. It has been also used in paints, ceramics, plastics, metal, and glass. Exposure of antimony to human’s health could cause any health effects, including cardiovascular system and respiration system. More serious health effect could occur, including lung disease, heart problems, diarrhea, severe vomiting and stomach ulcers. The main route of exposure is done through inhalation.

  • Lead

Lead oxide will give special cranking sound effects on firecracker. Lead is a bluish-white metal which is very soft and relatively poor conductor of electricity. Lead is also an important thing which has been used in everyday products, including batteries, coloring element in ceramic. Moreover, it has been used in the glass of computer and television cases for protect the viewer from such radiation.

If this material is inhaled in high concentration will cause any damage to health system, such as disruptive biosynthesis of   hemoglobin and anemia, rising blood pressure, damage of kidney, miscarriages, abortion, disruptive nervous system, brain damage, declined fertility through sperm damage, and behavioral disruption, such as aggression, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity.

  • Mercury

Mercury is a toxic substance which is exquisitely beautiful and deadly, which can be found in air, water, and soil. Mercury is a fascinating substance. Mercury have an effects for systemic and is a kind of long-term poison for humans and any other organism.

Moreover, the factor which determines the health effects based on the type of mercury which has been consumed, the dose, the age, the duration of exposure, and route of exposure (inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact). Mercury has also been considered as one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern by WHO. People are exposed to mercury, an organic compound, when they are eating fish and shellfish which contain the compound. Mercury is released into the environment from eruption activity.

The usage of mercury can be reduced by eliminating mercury mining and usage of mercury in gold extraction or many other applications, including replacement of mercury-containing thermometers and blood pressure measuring devices. Please mind that mercury could accumulate in our body. 

  • Arsenic

Arsenic which is in a allotropic forms. It blemish rapidly in air and will be burned in high temperatures forming a white form of arsenic trioxide. Arsenic compounds have been used in everyday products, including special type of glass, wood preservative and semiconductor. Arsine gas has become an important gas and requires any strict guidelines because of its toxic properties.

Moreover, arsenic will be found easily on earth, especially on small concentration. It also can be founded in soil and minerals. Exposure of arsenic can occur through dermal contact, food, water, and air. Its exposure could cause any health effects, including gastrointestinal irritation, decreasing production of blood cells, skin changes, and lung irritation.

The significant amount of arsenic could intensify any probability of skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and lymphatic cancer. Moreover, a very high exposure could cause any miscarriage and fertility with women.

  • Strontium

Strontium salt conducts a red color for firecrackers. This substance also very important for stabilize firecracker mixture. The red color of strontium salt is denser and deeper rather than lithium salt, such as strontium nitrate and strontium carbonate. This strontium substance has been founded in celestite. Strontium is a soft silver yellowish metal, which has three allotropic crystalline forms. It has a similar properties and characteristics with calcium and barium.

But, it is rarely used because of its price which quite expensive. The usage of strontium compounds have been applied in pyrotechnics and give any warning flares. The exposure of strontium can be done through air, food, water, and soil. The exposure in a small quantity will affect to human health. Strontium chromate has been known to cause any lung cancer. Moreover, strontium salt could cause any rash on the skin or any other skin problems.

Because of the effect of substances contained in firecrackers, the government authority has regulated to stop the usage of firecrackers. Chemicals banned in firecrackers have caused any serious effects for human health, including nervous system, respiration system, and many others. Furthermore, firecrackers have made noise pollution which will affect our hearing and has been classified as harmful chemicals in the environment.