Chemicals Banned in Mexico – Dangerous Substances – Cautions

All of chemicals have been used in all aspects of everyday life in Mexico, including pesticides. Pesticides have been a great business in Mexico, but the controlling of these chemicals has been neglecting by the government. There are several chemicals which have been banned in United States, but still being used in Mexico. There are […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Firecrackers – Dangers – Cautions

In many events, including happy new years’ eve, most people are often lighten up a firecracker as a symbol of celebration. However, the usage of firecrackers has led to many injuries to human, and even any deaths. Have you considered any serious environmental and health effects of firecrackers? Moreover, firecrackers have contributed to give pollutant […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned Under Stockholm Convention

Stockholm convention has listed several banned chemicals because of its adverse effects on humans and environment. The banned chemicals have been classified into following three categories, including. 1. Pesticides, which list of chemicals including Aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, toxaphene 2. Industrial chemicals : hexachlorobenzene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 3. By-products : hexachlorobenzene, […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Germany – Cautions – Risks – Substances

On behalf to Germany people’s health, government has list of banned chemicals in Germany. Furthermore, based on European regulations, German has restricted and prohibited most dangerous chemicals in the world, such as pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, and dibenzofurans. All of hazardous substances which affects human’s health and environment are banned in Germany. Here are the specific list […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Schools – Dangerous Substances – Cautions

To avoid any unwanted incidents because of chemical contamination at several schools and to maintain the health of people at school, the committee has ruled out the program which eliminates student and staff of potential hazardous exposure chemicals. The program has arranged the list of banned chemicals in schools. Based on this program, person-in-charge has […]

H&M List of Chemicals Banned in Production – Restricted Substances

For making some clothes, it will need much chemical materials. However, harmful chemicals in the environment can bring more hazard, rather than its benefit. Furthermore, these chemicals can affect the health of customers, employees, and workers. Therefore, H&M make several restrictions for eliminate these materials from their products. H&M define dangerous chemicals based on intrinsic […]

Why Should You Not Play with the Chemicals in the Laboratory

Many chemical reagents have been used in laboratory. There are some risks for not following proper rule, either playing with these materials which will endanger you and other person in the lab. Chemicals are something which you can’t play with. Why? Because they are very dangerous, toxic, explosive, corrosive, inflammable, and even cause skin burning. […]

A-Z List of Chemicals that Can Go Down the Drain

Every country has its own regulation which rules the waste disposal to the drain. Why should chemicals not be released in drain? Negligence of these rules will bring much harm and less benefit. Keep in mind to ask your environmental safety officer for comprehensive list of chemicals which can go down to the drain. The […]

Why Should You Never Mix Chemicals Together – Know The Hazards

Many chemicals have been used in our daily life. The example of daily chemicals is cleaning products, flavoring products, laboratory reagents, and etc. Several chemicals shouldn’t be mixed together. Why? It’s proved that mixing both of chemical products together can create much more cleanliness than using one product only. Furthermore, the combined products can generate […]