A-Z Harmful Chemicals Banned in Firecrackers – The Substances

Nothing like a little sparkle to lighting up a celebration, throughout the world people have been using firecrackers or crackers as a part of festivities.  This small Explosive Chemicals Example produce a large amount of loud noise and subject to various laws. Although crackers are not illegal, the manufacture, sale, storage, and use of crackers are facing various […]

A-Z Chemicals Banned in Firecrackers – Dangers – Cautions

In many events, including happy new years’ eve, most people are often lighten up a firecracker as a symbol of celebration. However, the usage of firecrackers has led to many injuries to human, and even any deaths. Have you considered any serious environmental and health effects of firecrackers? Moreover, firecrackers have contributed to give pollutant […]