8 List of Chemicals in Tampon That May Harm Women’s Health

For women, When you hit your specific time of the month, you will dash to ‘healthy’ tampons. You try hard to eat more natural and high fiber foods to avoid your stomach bloating, hormonal breakout and other way to put your PMS things at bay. However, how to choose the ‘healthy’ tampon? Is that even […]

10 Harmful Chemicals in Vapor That May Kill You

Vapor or also known as E-cigaretter is a device which is deisgned to imitate how regular cigarette works or simply can be called as nicotine inhaler. It delivers nicotine without combusting tobacco or other toxicants. It becomes a hit for the people around the world. Its fancy usage and also taste capture many people. Although […]

7 Harmful Chemicals In Baby Diapers – Compounds – Cautions

after being recognized world wide since in the late 1960s and early 1970 until now, life seems hard without baby diapers for good reason. Although throwing away nappies may raise environmental issue, this is a major covenience for parents. But this is not main case, the fact of chemical materials, which might be harmful, of […]

8 Harmful Chemicals In Nail Polish – Compound and Cautions

This might be a disturbing news for ped-med lover. As the society puts high bow on human appearance, especially women, we would like to maintain our appearance into the next level more and more. From hair, face, brow, fats in the body and even small part in our body called nails. Hence, we would never […]

8 Uses of Nitrogen in Soil for Plants Growth (Nutrient Management)

Nitrogen is one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth. It occupies group 15 on the periodic table and has N as its symbol. Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford was the first person who discovered and managed to isolate this chemical element. Jean-Antoine Chaptal, a French chemist, suggested the name nitrogen when found out that […]