What Happens If You Get Liquid Nitrogen on Your Skin?

The human body is not supposed to come in contact with chemicals. So, it only makes sense that your skin has various reactions when it comes in contact directly with chemicals. There are Banned Chemicals In Sunscreen that can damage your skin although there are also Good Chemicals In Skin products that compliment your skin. Beside skin […]

What Happens If You Put Your Hand in Liquid Nitrogen and Keep It There?

Today chemistry has taken their places in magic shows, chemistry classes and also YouTube videos. People now have more interest in chemistry more than ever. And on the name of entertainment, choose some of the most dangerous chemicals out there and turn it into a show for views. It is driven with the questions of […]

16 Characteristics and Uses of Nitrogen in Daily Life

Nitrogen is a VA group chemical element that we found abundant in the earth. It is the most inhaled gas in everyday life because when we inhale, we are not only inhaling one kind of gas, but also various kinds of gas including Nitrogen. Nitrogen fills 78% of the earth atmosphere. Generally, Nitrogen gas found […]

10 Examples of Monatomic and Diatomic Gases – The Difference

Gas is a form of particles that move freely without being seen. The smallest part of the particle is called the atom. It turns out that the atom itself is composed of electrons (negatively charged particles) that surround the nucleus which has protons (positive mutant particles) and neutrons in it. Gas atoms can be monoatomic, […]

8 Uses of Nitrogen in Soil for Plants Growth (Nutrient Management)

Nitrogen is one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth. It occupies group 15 on the periodic table and has N as its symbol. Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford was the first person who discovered and managed to isolate this chemical element. Jean-Antoine Chaptal, a French chemist, suggested the name nitrogen when found out that […]

30 Nitrogen for Plants Growth Uses – Cycle – Effects – Bunnings – Homemade

Nitrogen is an imperative plant supplements. It is a main ingredients in plant protein. Below article course will help discuss natural and artificial nitrogen produces and will explain the task of nitrogen in the land. Of all the abundance mineral supplements in the land, nitrogen is generally the most difficult for plants to produce. Even […]