Dangers of Microwave Popcorn – Know The Harmful Substances

Before you grab that package Popcorn take a look at this list of dangerous chemicals that microwave popcorn can do to our body. As sweet and easy it is to popcorn and enjoying it in front of the TV, there is not so friendly effect on human health. There are various Industrial Chemicals In Food and one […]

Is Ammonia Harmful To Pets? Know The Harmful Substances

The loving pets that have become like a member of the family. They are more vulnerable to experience the harmful effect of chemicals. There are some Household Chemicals Poisonous To Cats, dogs, any other pets that you have around the house. They are smaller and tent to see a puddle of water as something they can drink […]

What Household Chemicals Can Kill You? Stay Away form This Harmful Substances!

You put a roof over your family to protect them, yet there are also things in a common household that Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You. A safe house including putting extra locks to the house, safety electronic socket, putting dangerous object away from children reach. Those are the common obvious threats. Unfortunately, there are […]

Is Toluidine Blue Harmful – Formula – Health Risks

What is Toluidine blue? Toluidine blue is a basic thiazine metachromatic dye. It has a high affinity for acidic tissue components, as a result it stains tissues that are rich in DNA and RNA. Toluidine blue also referred as several names, like Tolonium chloride or TBO. Toluidine blue is used for histology, forensic examination, renal […]

5 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Mascara Ingredients

Makeup should make you look prettier, but aesthetics come with unremarkable consequences when you consider toxic chemicals hiding behind  mascara. (Read List of Toxic Chemicals Banned) Beauty experts say these chemicals can cause irritation, redness, dry eyes, scaly eyelids, and other serious long-term health conditions. Here are 5 chemicals to avoid in mascara, and your […]

8 Human Activities Affecting The Life of Ecosystems We Should Avoid

Ecosystem is the interaction of living things to their environment. The balance of the biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem is important to prevent negative impacts from environmental hazards such as natural disasters, environmental degradation and others. Human activities can affect and even disturb the balance of the ecosystem. Human Activities Affecting The Life […]

15 Harmful Chemicals That Can Kill You – Poisonous Substances

Chemicals put a lot of impact to our life. Some of them are beneficial in the development of technology as well the growing industry. However, all the benefits given do not come without price. Most chemicals will have some side effects either to humans or ecosystem in general. The side effects vary from the trifle […]

11 Harmful Effects of Kingdom Archaebacteria for Environment

Archaebacteria are a type of single-cell prokaryotes microorganism. It was taken out from bacteria kingdom due to significant differences both genetically and biochemically from modern bacteria. Archaebacteria was named from “archae” that means “ancient”. At the beginning, archaebacteria were thought only living in extreme environments some of which are geysers, oil wells, hot springs, volcanoes, […]

8 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Septic Tank

Have you ever watched some sewer monster movie where it all happen because of chemical reaction in some chemist septic tank? Well I am displeased to break it up to you but it is not real and the effect of chemical in septic tank is not that harmful at least not in that way but […]

10 List of Toxic Chemicals in Nail Polish for Your Beauty to Avoid

Manicure and pedicure might be sounds like heaven in women’s ear, getting the shoulders massaged and their nail polished will make any woman feel relax and bring back the good mood. However it must be so frustrating when we dig further and found out that some nail polish contain chemical that will harm yourself. In […]