15 Uses of Benzene in Everyday Life – Compounds

As part of chemicals, benzene has some derived compound and it function for our life. Benzene is founded by Michael Faraday on 1825 while faraday succeed to separate benzene from oil and naming bicarburet from hydrogen. Eight years later on 1933, german chemist Eilhard Mitcherlich succeed to produce benzene through the distillation of benzene acid […]

8 Natural Chemicals Used in Daily Life – Safe Compounds

Chemicals are bad, do you agree with that ? Many of synthetic chemical are used for our daily life but not only synthetic chemical but also natural chemicals used in daily life gives lot benefit for us. In recently years, presence of chemicals are known to be harmful founded in daily food and cosmetics. For […]

3 Safe Warehousing of Chemicals by Chemical Manufacturers Association

First step we need to understand in safe warehousing of chemicals chemical manufacturers association is managing the associated risks. Some environment around us are extremely sensitive to to certain chemical and left some problems if are not noticing them. Problems are created by these environmental may be exacerbated by topography and soil condition which has […]

3 Safe Chemicals That Can Be Dangerous in Everyday Products

Many people thinks that chemicals are dangerous. Meanwhile chemicals are not dangerous at all, some of them are safe to consume and can be used for us. We can found products safe chemical that can be hazardous to consume in food, drink, cosmetic or warehousing packaged. Even chemicals inside those products are safe, but they […]

4 Safe Chemicals to Use While Pregnant and What to Avoid

As mother who waiting for birth of baby, we absolutely do full protection our self (mother and baby) from something dangerous even that’s physically or mentally. In daily life, many things are safe chemicals to use while pregnant allowed and prohibited to consume. It’s hard to avoid all contact with chemicals while pregnancy. Simple answer, […]

6 Uses of Alkaline Earth Metals in Daily Life – Compounds

As we know there’s many element in periodic table. The earliest known alkaline earth was line (latin : calx). But right now we’d like to explain about uses of alkaline earth metal in daily life, which is beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium and radium are inside that group. Similar with alkali metals, alkaline earth metal […]

30 Examples of Organic Compounds and Uses

Organic compound is any chemical compound which contain carbon and also hydrogen atoms. Moreover, the form of list of organic chemicals can be gaseous, liquid or solid form. Commonly, there are two types of organic compounds namely natural organic compound and also synthetic organic compound. Here is a list of the examples of organic compounds and […]

What Are Some Examples of Inorganic Compounds?

There are 5 sub Branches of Chemistry but what is inorganic compound? Inorganic compound is any chemical compound which does not have carbon atom. Inorganic compounds are quite simple because they do not form the complex molecular bonds just like carbon makes possible. Then, what are some examples of inorganic compounds? To simplify,branches of inorganic compound is any […]

35 Uses of Sodium Bicarbonate in Daily Life and Cautions

The other names of Sodium bicarbonate are baking soda and also sodium hydrogen carbonate. This is a chemical component with formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a salt which is composed fro sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. This chemical has variety of uses in our daily life as there are many List of Chemicals The ancient Egyptians […]

8 List of Chemicals in Tampon That May Harm Women’s Health

For women, When you hit your specific time of the month, you will dash to ‘healthy’ tampons. You try hard to eat more natural and high fiber foods to avoid your stomach bloating, hormonal breakout and other way to put your PMS things at bay. However, how to choose the ‘healthy’ tampon? Is that even […]