How to Use Nitrite Acid to Test Silver

Silver and gold, are two precious metals in the world. Besides as a currency, they are the main ingredient of various type of jewelry. From ring, bracelet, necklace and earring. There are many combinations of beautiful stones covered by either silver or gold. Do not be mistaken, the glowing silver and gold can also come […]

Can Drink Bleach Cause Permanent Loss of Voice? The Dangers and Cautions

First of all, we need to know its chemical elements to decide whether it is going to cause permanent loss of voice or not. So, bleach active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) which contain of Sodium atom, Chloride atom, Oxygen atom. Bleach that we usually met is household bleach that contains only 4,2%. Although a […]

What Would Happen If Someone Drank 8 Oz of Bleach?

First of all, we need to know what the ingredients in bleach are. Bleach is a household item that we can find easily on the supermarket and also at our own house. There should be at least a bottle of bleach in our house. Bleach works as a cleaning and whitening agent, it can be […]

How Are Companies Allowed to Sell Toys Made of PVC When It’s So Dangerous?

We know that kids are like playing toys. Mostly toys that use by kids are made of plastics. In fact plastics that use for kid’s toys are exposed to many harmful chemical. Although playing toys can boost they cognitive and physical development. Moreover, the parents should buy healthy and safety toys for their kids. The […]

Why Does Sulfuric Acid Conduct Electricity Better Than Citric?

One of the uses of chemicals is to conduct electricity. What is the meaning of conduct electricity? It means the ability to allow the flow of charge. Things with this ability are called electrical conductors. Some examples of good electrical conductors are copper and silver. Because of this characteristic, both materials are very useful in […]

Why Should You Be Careful When Handling Silver Nitrate? The Dangerous Effects!

There are many benefits of Silver nitrate as a chemical compound having many uses, with its versatile precursor to other compounds. The chemical substance comes from the ancient alchemists named silver as ‘luna’, and silver nitrate is also known as ‘lunar caustic’. The Useful Of Silver Nitrate Big and small quantities of silver nitrate are useful […]

What Is The Use of Carbon Dioxide Present in The Air?

Carbon dioxide or CO2  is colorless with a faint of sour taste and sharp odor. it is one of the minor components in the atmosphere. There are many Uses Of Carbon Compounds Related To Their Properties including fermentation, photosynthesis and even the fizz in your soft drinks. The presence of Carbon Dioxide in The Air there are […]

A-Z Household Chemicals That Go Boom Boom – Be Careful!

Basically, anything that blows needs only two things joined together. You really no need to look further for the right ingredient. Just check out your kitchen cabinet and take some household chemicals that can go boom. There are simple combinations of  Two Household Chemicals That Explode When Mixed. These facts are great entertainment for doing experiments at […]

Danger of Ammonia in Hair Dye (Caution for Your Beauty Product)

Non-Ammonia in hair dye become a must and it is not just a passing trend that will go away anytime soon. Then there is more beauty business that in the progress of developing various in ammonia dying hair because besides Uses Of Ammonia And Compound As Fertilizers In Agriculture it also exists in hair dye. Moreover, […]

Here’s The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fire Extinguishers

When the fire broke loose and the modern way to turn off the overwhelming fire is to get a fire extinguisher. This common safety measure in almost every high rise building must have item has a chemical base to substitute the large number of water that can turn off a fire in any quantities. There […]