Disadvantages of Using Chemical Agents for Terrorist Activities

Nothing ever come out good from terrorist activities. Especially if you throw in chemical weapon, then it is the ultimate worst weapon among the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Chemicals agent is probably one of the most brutal created by mankind compared to a biological and nuclear agent in terrorist activities.

Chemicals agents are cheap and are easy to produce, even by small terrorist groups, to create large mass casualties with only by using small quantities of chemicals. There are a long List Chemicals used In Warfare from the WHO, EPA, and many another world recognized agency.

Disadvantages of Using Chemical Agents for Terrorist Activities

Chemical warfare is probably one of the worst invention created by mankind. It hurt other humans, in forms of gas, liquid or aerosol and leather for human, animals and even the surrounding area. Here is the worst scenario of the disadvantages of using chemical agents for terrorist activities.

Holostic Distruction

These chemical agents poses heavy diffentces with other means of distruction such as bomb, explosive and land mines which only have effects only on humans or in a very small area.

For example, a bomb or land mines only affect the people, animal or ground in the surrounding area. Chemicals agents have a more wide spread effect Which List of Banned Chemical Weapon stated. It covers more ground, effect to soil and water for ages. Moreover, it also shown a defect of humans for several generation that it littereally means destroy an area completely.

  • Chemical agents attack animals, cattle, transportation animals that indirectly also affect human civilization. There is a lack of food source when the farm animals are affected. There is a problem in the distribution of food if the animal that helps to transport goods are affected. Chemical agent in terrorist activities affects all the important aspect to help a city or village to function.
  • Chemical agents affect the water and soil. It will take years before soil that has been hit by chemicals agent to be able to grow anything ever again. It the ultimate attack human kind that emphasizes on the ecoysistem distruction. Moreover, it the terrorist activities involce attacing water source, the population will undoublty affected within days. Sadly, even after the entire population has been inhaliation, the soil and water remain polluted for years to come. 

Long Term Exposure

There is no short term effect when it come tothe chemical agent for terrorist activities. Anything using chemical are bound to have a long ter effect no matter how big is the number.

Chemical weapons are toxic with all that comes with it. It is also extremely dangerous in their precursors, munitions and devices.

  • Plants and Crops. If chemicals agent target agriculture systems then there is no telling how long the effect will last. It is also a very brutal thing to do to aims for food source where innocent people also affected. Moreover, even after years the terrorist act past there is no guarantee that the agriculture can ever back to normal.
  • Pollution. The air will be tainted with pollution and cause severe toxicity when it is inhaled. The water pollution by the chemicals agent can cause human health issues and animals would probably experience the same things or even worse.
  • Psychological Effects. Children of terrorist activities are among the worst victim of war. Especially when chemicals involve such as the suicidal bombing in subways or public places. It does not take many terrorist to have the terror effect. Only one person is enough to create an incredible effect of long term fear on the victims and others.

Mass Death and Casulties

The use of poisonous chemicals for warfare can be seen in multiple history occasionm such as the War, the Chemicals Used In the Vietnamese War and the most know effect og chemical agenst in World War 2.

Some of the chemical used for terrorist activities include chlorine, phosgene, sulfur mustard, lewisites and nerve gas, as well as other leathel gas matter. The number of death caused by chemicals agents has some of the world most shocking number that made the UN take charge and list down some chemicals as banned for warfare usage.

There are over than 1.2 million casualties in World War I, Millions of innocent civilians were killed by hydrogen cyanide gas during World War II. 

Psychomimetic Effects

There are chemical agents that create changes in perception, mind, and mood, without causing any physical disturbances. It is called as psychomimetic agents where chemicals effects psychotic disorders such as feeling issues, paralysis symptomatic, and also hallucinations conditions. In the severe condition, it is also shown the Chemicals Brain Affected Depression to various extent.

Some of psychomimetic recorrent dated back in 600 BC, when Solon’s soldiers threw hellebore roots to cause diarrhea. Other example include belladonna plants to induce disorientation in the enemy.

During World War II, the use of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and marijuana derivatives as a psychochemical wepon for terrorist activities.

Disadvantage of chemical agent that pose common signs and symptoms due to its psychomimetic include:

  • Feeling restlessness, the act of failure to obey orders, signs of confusion, and some erratic behavior such as stumbling or staggering.
  • The mouth become dry, tachycardia at rest, changes in face color, vision imparelment, the problem in non-sensical speech, some sign of hallucinatory behavior
  • In severe dose there are inappropriate smiling or laughter, there are some difficulties in dealing with irrational fear, difficulty in expressing self or even just to talk normally a large amount ot perceptual distortions and phobias.

There are numerous disadvantages of any chemicals used for terrorist activities. These activities may have a certain point in their activities but after involving dangerous chemicals in the process, all come in vain.

No one remembers the reason behind the attack but rather focus on how many casualties, effect and destruction that the activities result in. There are many dangerous chemicals in the world and those terrorists often use the most Harmful Chemicals That CAn Kill You of them all.