Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You, Check Out The Substances!

The long term myth around chemistry is the saying “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It vividly mentions examples of useful chemicals only come from anything that human make are dangerous.

Man-Made Chemicals That Are Good For You

There are actually many Examples Of Inorganic Chemistry In Everyday Life, that proven to be useful and needed. Moreover, there are also bad effects of natural fruits and vegetable that we can hardly believe ourselves. This is the common misconceptions surrounding the good and bad chemical.

1. Vitamin E 

A natural Vitamin E is d-α-tocopherol while the synthetic one is dl-α -tocopherol. The additional “dl” substance in the man-made chemicals refers to a mixture that contains d- and l-α-tocopherol. There is no evidence or research that proven the synthetic additional substance in vitamin E is harmful at all.

This vitamin E can be manufacture syntenic and gives all the benefit the same as natural ones. This states the Importance Of organic chemistry In Food Industry.

However, some experts said that synthetic vitamin E works slower in our body system. Nevertheless, taking vitamin E as a pill is way easier than consuming raw broccoli, fish, almond, chicken or nuts. vitamin E in anything natural is lost during the cooking process.

2. Vitamin C

What’s the man-made chemicals that are good for you? Ascorbic Acid is an essential additive that helps human to get better after getting sick and give more energy and stamina. Moreover, it is also an essential nutrient for humans that come naturally in various fruits and vegetables.

However, just like any other vitamin in a natural product, it tends to be unstable and destroyed upon cooking. Therefore, the scientist creates vitamin C synthesized taken from glucose in the laboratory.

Vitamin c as a supplement is an Examples Of Acids And Bases In Everyday Life. You probably know that fruits such as oranges or pomegranates are rich with vitamin c. However, it will take more than just one orange to get the same amount of vitamin c as the supplement has in their pills.

3. MSO

This chemical solvent is highly used in the medical industries. Doctors discover that this substance can penetrate the skin quickly and deeply without damaging tissue. It can safely transport drugs across membranes and into the body without breaking the skin or getting any infection.

Moreover, it can reduce inflammation associated with sprains, arthritis & burning issues. it can give quick pain relief that can last up to six hours. Another use of this chemical is it’s antifungal that work best for penetrates finger and toenails.

This man-made chemical really does wonder to human health in various way and forms. Furthermore, it also works the same way to pets and a very crucial veterinarian medication compound.  

4. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)

is another preservative substance in oils and fats. It sequesters
stray metal ions compound which catalyzes oxidation and afterward spoilage. This process enables oil to stay pure for a very long time. EDTA chemically removes these impurities and help you to fry any meals you desire.

Oftentimes, we as human crave variety of food besides raw food. These processed food require an additional additive to cooking the meals. This substance in the oil that you fry or marinate can actually be a good chemical addition for you.

5. Sodium nitrite (NaNO2)

This preservative substance can keep the processed and smoked meats like bacon, salami, and also pastrami. It gives hydrogen turn to nitrous acid. Sodium Nitrite Uses Food react with some amines and later on form nitrosamines.

This man-made chemical is proven to help the food industry and has a high safety that will not build up any bad side effects in the human body. By using this compound to preserve meat products, it also can prevent the spread of botulism, a very dangerous bacteria.

Some scientists believe that this acidity process also can happen
in the stomach when foods preserved with sodium nitrite naturally. After food enters the stomach it creates Hydrochloric Acid and become
amines after digestion process occurs.

This substance exists in the stomach after food proteins broken down into energy. Organic Sodium Nitrites is from vegetables and converted into nitrosamines in our body. It is one among few man-made chemicals that could have both negative and positive effects on humans. 

6. Folic Acid

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common issue for the elderly and also a pregnant woman. For the elderly, the body is unable to produce this chemical anymore. Although elderly people with low of this chemical that also exists Chemical Properties Banana does not show any signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

The condition that is troublesome includes megaloblastic anemia, precise evaluation, and treatment in this age is important. Moreover, the elderly also having trouble absorbing of protein-bound vitamin B12 due to a high prevalence of atrophic gastritis in this age group.

Therefore, this man-made synthetic chemical can do very good to the elderly that are lack of vitamin B12. American food supply is now being fortified with folic acid, the concern that raises due to neurologic exacerbation in individuals with marginal vitamin B12 and high-dose folate.

Furthermore, pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman and also a woman in the childbearing age need to gain additional folic acid to reduce any risk of neural tube defect on their unborn child.

Science and technology development has come along way to enhance the living quality of human and the environment. Sytentic chemicals that man-made are all started in the noble desire of giving the solution to world problems. As time evolved, the human is going back to their root and eating with less process and often time raw. These caveman meals are said to be chemicals free untouched just like before technology came.